CHESTERTOWN — Washington College will offer a series of online seminars to the public starting July 20 to make young job seekers more competitive in a tough market.

The Competitive Advantage initiative teaches a mix of technical abilities and leadership skills within four thematic “tracks,” most of which take three to six weeks to complete, according to a news release. The training is aimed primarily at recent graduates but is available to anyone.

Participants can choose from 19 different modules within four tracks: Career Development; Becoming a Leader; Environmental Technologies and Technical Skills; and Geographic Information Systems.

All modules include practical exercises such as budgeting, writing or data analysis, in a mix of online meetings and self-paced work. A three-week module requires about 15 to 20 hours to complete, or five to seven hours a week.

Instructors are from Washington College’s departments of Academic Affairs, Career Services, and the Center for Environment and Society.

“The modules are designed and taught by staff and faculty who have experience not just in academia, but in the workplace,” said John Seidel, Center for Environment and Society director and Lammot du Pont Copeland Associate Professor of Anthropology and Environmental Studies. “They have lived this material and know how important it is. We know what employers are looking for and what they value.”

Fees are $250 per module for three- or four-week sessions and $300 per module for six-week sessions. Participants taking five or more modules get a 20% discount. Washington College 2020 graduates are eligible for an additional discounted rate.

“We think the bite-size and low-cost modules will make the program easier to complete, while offering a credential to show employers that graduates are savvy, well trained, and committed,” Seidel said. “That combination is hard to find.”For more information or to register, visit www.wash petitive-advantage-initiative.

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