DENTON — Thanks to the Caroline County Family YMCA and many community partners the first ever graduation caravan celebration for Caroline County High School seniors was held last week. The caravan began at noon on Thursday, June 4 for students at Colonel Richardson High School. For several hours, the caravan traveled the streets of Federalsburg and Preston.The caravan continued the next day for North Caroline High School students as the parade wound its way through the streets of Denton, Ridgely, Greensboro, Goldsboro, and Henderson.

“We celebrated and honored CRHS and NCHS seniors, but also we unify an entire county. One county, one community, one family,” said Angel Perez, YMCA Program Coordinator.

This event had the participation of approximately 55 vehicles and 100 participants, including graduates, local elected officials, non-profit organizations, fire departments, police departments, volunteers and county residents.

“Logan absolutely loved it. He said it was his favorite event for graduation. He had the biggest smile on his face and it was such a fun time!! Thank you so much for doing this for the kids!” said mom Deborah Smith of Denton.

Many partners made the event possible including: the Caroline County Sheriff’s Department; State’s Attorney Joseph Riley; Kimberly Abner, Federalsburg Mayor; Amber Renee, Town of Preston Manager; Abigail Mcninch, Mayor of Denton; Don Mulrine, Town of Denton Manager; Anthony Casey, Ridgely Commissioner; Kevin Reichart, Greensboro Mayor; Wendy Dixon, Town of Greensboro Manager; Sandy Cook, Town of Henderson Mayor; Federalsburg, Denton, and Greensboro Police Departments; Preston and Ridgely Volunteer Fire Departments; Ridgely Lions Club; His Hope Ministries and special guests

TerritThe Terrier (RES), Rion the Lion (Ridgely Lions Club), and the Bulldog from North Caroline High School.

Additional volunteer included: from the YMCA, Shana Stambro, Ileana Guzman, Jessie Mulford, and Amy Horne with CASA of Caroline. Special thanks also to America McKinney and Florinda Oross Photography for pictures and videos.

The Caroline County Family YMCA is planning another caravan for the end of next school year to celebrate 5th, 8th and 12th grade students across Caroline County.

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