District 2 candidate for Caroline County Board of Education

Richard Barton

DENTON — Richard Barton, candidate for Caroline County Board of Education has been a Caroline County resident since 1991. Barton manages a nonprofit that helps people, largely first responders, cope with the stress of exposure to critical incidents. He previously served as the Caroline County Administrator from 2008-2011. Prior to that he directed the Maryland Park Service for 17 years.

Barton is most interested in the c{span}urriculum, the hiring and retention of good teachers, infrastructure management and building good relationships with parents and the community — all key items for the CCPS.

”In the next few years, financing is going to be a challenging topic because of the Kirwan Commission legislation,” he said. “More funding for education is important and must be in balance with the many services that the County provides. Wise leadership of the CCPS is the most essential single item, and that requires vision and executive experience.”

Barton has two sons that attended and graduated from the CCPS system.

”My wife works for CCPS, one of my stepdaughters is a teacher in the system and another stepdaughter is a student at North Caroline High,” he said. “My immediate family is involved at every level.”

“My greatest skills and experience are in executive management, including directing a complex workforce, labor relations, communication, maintaining a large infrastructure of facilities, and overall leadership,” he said. “I believe those skills offer a valuable service to the Board of Education and that is why I am seeking this position. I know how to direct a large complex system that features human interaction. If voters want a person with leadership experience, who can direct and judge the CCPS, then they should vote for me.”

”I have been very active in the Caroline County community as a volunteer and supporting local organizations; and this is an important way to support our home. You will see me out and about, and you will have the opportunity to engage me, to ask questions, and to share your comments. One member of a five-person board has limited authority, but I will listen to you and will respond to your questions and will bring my best to this position.”

Barton will be on the June 2 ballot as a candidate for District 2.

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