Suspect in 2019 fatal crash gets deported

Josette Wilson was a 2012 graduate of North Caroline High School and was on her way to see her sister in Delaware when she was struck and killed by a drunk driver.

DENTON — Maryland State Police responded to a two-vehicle collision on Henderson Road north of Castle Hall Road in Caroline County on February 9, 2019. The crashed resulted in one fatality, that of Josette Lenore Wilson.

According to a statement released by Caroline County State’s Attorney Joe Riley, Wilson had just left her father’s residence in Goldsboro and was traveling to Delaware to meet her sister. Wilson was a 2012 graduate of North Caroline High School and was twice the drum major for the band of blue and member of the All State Band team.

The at-fault driver, defendant Bersai Ortiz Morales, was the sole occupant of his vehicle and was identified as the driver by an EMT on scene. Morales was extricated and taken to Kent General Hospital in Delaware. His blood alcohol content was test and was recorded at .27. Due to the extent of his injuries, Morales was later flown to Christiana Hospital, where his blood was again tested and found to be .14.

Sgt. Charles Gore would testify as an expert in accident reconstruction, said Riley. Gore’s expert opinion would be that Morales’ vehicle was traveling south on Maryland Route 311 while Wilson’s vehicle was traveling north. Morales’ vehicle crossed the center line, entered Wilson’s lane of travel and struck her vehicle in an offset head-on manner.

Defendant Morales was charged with causing the death of Wilson as a result of his negligent driving while under the influence of alcohol. Before Morales could be brought to Caroline County to stand trial, he was arrested for illegal reentry into the United States after having been deported from the U.S. previously.

Morales was scheduled to be deported again after serving his federal sentence. Prior to his scheduled deportation, Morales was brought to Caroline County where he entered a guilty pleas and was sentence to the maximum five-year sentence. After he completes his state sentence, Morales will again be sent back to his nation of origin.

“The laws of our nation and our state failed Ms. Josette Wilson and her family by not only allowing the illegal reentry of a previously deported individual, but for providing only a five-year maximum penalty for the loss of her life,” Riley said. “The Caroline County State’s Attorney offers its most sincere condolences to the family and friends of Ms. Wilson and strongly encourages the Maryland General Assembly to revisit the penalty portion of this offense when they meet again in 2021.”

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