EASTON — Local woman Kate Tucker was enjoying french fries at dinner with a friend one evening when she joked about eating fries for the next 50 days.

That joke soon became a challenge, with Tucker, an Easton resident, scheming creative recipes and whipping up dishes involving the salty treat.

Over the course of 50 days, Tucker’s homemade fries from scratch were loaded with mussels, sprinkled atop a pizza, smothered under lamb meatballs and tzatziki sauce, and tossed with ground meat for a plate of taco fries.

“It was a lot more cooking than I’ve ever done before in my life,” Tucker said, reflecting on the experience. “I tried to think outside the box.”

“You can basically put anything on a french fry and it tastes amazing.”

Each day, Tucker posted a photo of the finished dish to her Instagram page under #fries50. The posts garnered an audience, with followers reaching out expressing their inspiration and undertaking of unique french dry dishes for themselves.

Tucker tried planning out recipes ahead of time for a few nights but said she felt like she made trips to the grocery store “at least five times a week.”

“A lot of it was really on a whim,” she said. “I thought, ‘What am I craving? What do I want? Will that work with fries? Yeah, probably, let’s do it.”

Rest assured, Tucker baked the fries each night, opting for a relative degree of healthiness behind the meals. She would cut one potato into small fries, toss them with olive oil, salt, pepper and a sprinkle of parsley, and bake them for 30 minutes at 425 degrees, flipping the fries over halfway through.

One night, Tucker was inspired by Out of the Fire’s goat cheese, prosciutto and fig jam pizza, which was taken off the restaurant’s menu some time ago. She said her french fry rendition of the dish turned out amazing. Although, a twist on Greek salad and fries did not turn out so favorable, when Tucker confirmed her distaste for olives.

She said the challenge ultimately expanded her cooking skills and palate, as she now enjoys foods such as tomatoes and mushrooms.

While friends joined the fry enthusiast, they did not partake for more than a day. Friends did benefit from plates with larger serving sizes, like a crab dip and french fry dish Tucker had made.

“It was a challenge, for sure. I think it’s fun to challenge yourself. I learned a lot of new recipes,” Tucker said. “But eating fries for 50 days, however, it’s not for everyone.”

On the last day of the challenge, Tucker visited Market Burger in Virginia and had their truffle parmesan and rosemary fries, calling it “the most decadent thing you’ve ever had in your life.”

Now having completed 50 Days of Fries, Tucker is seeking a simpler challenge, perhaps a “Soup Sunday” with the cool, fall weather taking reign.

To see more photos from Tucker’s 50 Days of Fries challenge, visit her Instagram page @skatetucker. The photos are stored in a highlights tab under #fries50.


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