MACo Winter Conference

Caroline County Commissioner Wilbur Levengood speaks during the Maryland Association of Counties Winter Conference in Cambridge.

DENTON — Caroline County Commissioner Wilbur Levengood was recently elected second vice president of the Maryland Association of Counties (MACo), a nonprofit representing local elected officials from all 24 of the state’s jurisdictions.

Levengood has represented Caroline County at MACo meetings throughout his first eight years as a county commissioner. Two years ago, he was appointed to MACo’s board of directors. He also chairs MACo’s land use committee.

Levengood said MACo rotates its officers annually; next year, he will be first vice president, and in 2021 he will be president, the first president from Caroline County since John Eveland in 1965, and only the second in the association’s history.

“I’m honored to be given this opportunity by MACo, and I’m looking forward to the future,” Levengood said Thursday, Jan. 24.

Founded in 1951, MACo has grown to become one of the most influential voices in Maryland politics, Levengood said.

Its membership, made up of representatives and elected officials from all 23 Maryland counties and Baltimore City, determine MACo’s policy and positions on executive and legislative proposals.

As one of MACo’s officers, Levengood will take a more active role, meeting with Gov. Larry Hogan and state legislators to discuss MACo’s priorities.

After regularly attending MACo meetings on Caroline County’s behalf for eight years, Levengood said he has built a good rapport with elected officials from across the state.

Though he does not always agree with the majority on all issues — for example, MACo backed the bill to require sprinkler systems in all new homes, a position he strongly disagreed with — Levengood said he can usually find common ground with his fellow county officials.

“We went head to head over the sprinkler bill, but we still respect each other,” Levengood said.

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