Noxious Weeds

Musk thistle is an invasive species on the list of noxious weeds in Maryland.

DENTON — The Caroline County Commissioners approved and adopted the cooperative agreement between the Maryland Department of Agriculture and the County for the purpose of effecting a program for the control and eradication of certain designated weed species during a zoom meeting on Tuesday, June 9.

The County agreed to appoint a Weed Control Coordinator to assist the Department in developing and implementing a Noxious Weed Control program. The weed Control Coordinator will be a county employee working with direction from the Department of Ag regarding, the technical agronomy recommendations necessary to maintain a Weed Control Program.

The Department will also provide the County with technical assistance and oversight for the program during the period July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021, and assist the county in conducting surveys to determine the location and amount of infestation of a noxious weeds or other plant species within the county.

Through the program technical assistance will be given to land owners in a cooperative control or eradication program. The county will also gain assistance with effecting programs of mowing, spraying, or other control or eradication practices on road right-of-ways, drainage ditch bank, park playground, and any other public or private land.

Failure to comply with provisions in the Maryland Agriculture Code will be reported to and prosecuted by the State’s Attorney for the county in which the violation occurred.

Failure to comply with provisions of Weed Control shall be reported to and prosecuted by the State’s Attorney for Caroline County.

The program will generate revenue by performing work that is requested by stakeholders and retain use of all revenues generated by the program.

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