DENTON — Choptank Community Health System Inc. in Denton was awarded a federal grant of $1,096,958 by the Department of Health and Human Services through the Health Center Cluster program. The grant award was announced by Rep. Andy Harris, R-Md._1st.

According to the Health Resources and Services Administration, an agency under HHS, the Health Center Cluster Program is aimed at delivering “high quality, culturally competent, comprehensive primary care, as well as supportive services such as health education, translation, and transportation that promote access to health care.”

“As a physician,” said Harris, “I am committed to improving access to health care for our rural communities on the Eastern Shore, and I applaud the Administration for awarding these funds. Health care is critical to the well-being of our families and communities on the Eastern Shore, and as we continue to re-open our economy I remain committed to working to ensure that our local communities have the resources they need to do so safely.”

Choptank Senior Vice President and CEO Jonathan Forte said, “Choptank Community Health System is proud to be the Mid-Shore’s leader in providing high quality, culturally competent and equitable medical and dental care for all, especially during COVID-19.”

Forte said the grant is part of the 2020 health center cluster fund awarded to CCHS on an annual basis. The grant allows CCHS to maintain and expand their mission of “providing access to exceptional, comprehensive and integrated health care.”

Health centers across the nation strive to address the systemic issues impacting the communities they serve, Forte said. “We are uniquely designed to respond to public health emergencies and barriers to accessing care such as language, transportation and health insurance. We are thankful for the ongoing support that HRSA provides through the health center program.”

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