New sheriff's office slated to open in Sept. 2020

Construction of the spacious new Caroline County’s Sheriff’s Office headquarters on Double Hills Road in Denton is expected to be completed in the fall.

DENTON — Representatives from Harper and Sons, Inc., contractors of the new Caroline County Sheriff’s Office, met with the Caroline County Commissioners during their work session on Tuesday, Jan. 21, to provide an update on the new facility.

Ron Markey of Harper and Sons, Inc. stated that the building is about 50% complete. After early delays with some ground water issues and specific building materials, the facility is taking shape at the predicted pace.

Markey anticipates shingles will soon be added to the roof and all the windows have been temporarily closed in to allow workers to continue with interior wiring, plumbing and HVAC installation throughout the winter months.

The architectural firm Crosby and Associates have met with county leaders and representatives of Harper and Sons for a progress report every two weeks since the groundbreaking was held April 9, 2019. The building is scheduled to be complete by Sept. 30.

“The new facility is going to have a great impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of the Sheriff’s Office operation,” Sheriff Randy Bounds said.

“The Sheriff’s Office is currently working out of eight offices in the basement of the Detention Center that occupies 3,823 square feet, and the new building will encompass nearly 13,000 square feet, including a 2-lane sally-port for the secure handling of detainees," Bounds said.

"The new building will also house the patrol and criminal investigation divisions, as well as the sex offender enforcement unit, records division and administration," Bounds said. "A large conference and training room will serve as host to the ever-increasing demands of new laws and procedures that law enforcement personnel are required to stay abreast of.”

According to Bounds, the new facility will enhance every aspect of the Sheriff’s Office operation.

“The current facility simply has not kept pace with the increase in the roles and responsibilities of the Sheriff’s Office over the years,” Bounds said. “While the move will be bitter-sweet for some of the employees who have spent their entire careers in the current facility, all agree that it is a step forward that is long overdue.”

Bounds credits the Caroline County Commissioners for their vision and resolve in securing funding to make the new facility possible.

“We are blessed to have elected officials who recognize the importance of public safety and have a proven track record of sustaining it as a priority,” he said.

Bounds said he is most impressed with the response from the public.

“From the beginning, our citizens have taken ownership of the new sheriff’s office,” Bounds said. “Hardly a day goes by without a citizen approaching us with positive comments or questions about the new building, and it is obvious that our citizens are as excited to see its progress as we are.”

“When all is said and done, this facility is about becoming even better at serving our citizens,” Bounds said. “Throughout the planning process, we put those that we serve at the forefront. From the convenient well-lit parking to the customer-friendly lobby and private interview rooms, our goal is to have the building centered around great service to our citizens.”

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