Purple Peake offers hemp products to promote good health

A new CBD in Denton, Purple Peake offers 100 percent legal THC-free hemp products.

Opening just recently, Purple Peake is a family owned and operated CBD only business, says owner Robyn Ritter, meaning that we understand CBD and appreciate the relationship between our clients and our products. Purple Peake, offers a wide range of 100 percent legal, THC-free hemp products such as oils, edibles, topical, pet products and more that will fit your everyday needs. At Purple Peake, Ritter says they aim to promote good health and well-being as well as a peace of mind to all of our customers through the use of cannabinoid products. Because CBD has little (the legal limit is >.3%) to no THC it will not cause a “high” feeling, will not interfere with your daily activities and will not cause the paranoia and other side effects that can come from using marijuana, medical or otherwise. All of our products meet the 2018 FARM bill requirements.

Rhett Ritter, CEO, has been researching CBD for over six years and studied Ethnobotany at Frostburg State University. He keeps updated on all the latest studies and products. The Ritters say they chose to open in Denton because we felt it would be a reasonable driving distance from many locations without traffic issues, “We like the small town feel and everyone in the area we spoke with when we were researching locations made us feel welcome. Our goal at Purple Peake is to listen to what you say and make recommendations based on research and knowledge not just to sell you something.”

Purple Peake offers a call ahead service since many clients have physical problems. Purple Peake will meet them curbside, so they don’t have to park and walk in. No one under 18 is permitted without an adult and absolutely no sales to anyone under 18, says Ritter.

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