2019 Ridgely Decorating Contest

The home of Steve and Lillian Lone at 101 Lister Lane is one of the contest winners in the 2019 Ridgely Decorating Contest.

RIDGELY — Wednesday evening, Dec. 18, judges selected by the Ridgely Historical Society drove throughout the Town of Ridgely’s city limits to judge Christmas lights and decorations. This was the 11th year of the event and one business and 12 homes were selected to receive recognition. Eight of those chosen this year were first time winners.

An attempt is made to ensure as many areas of the Town are represented in order to hopefully entice others to decorate their homes next Christmas and light up their communities. The selections for 2019 included: 15 Lister Lane, 101 Lister Lane, 113 Walnut Street, 7 N. Central Avenue, 7 Liberty Street, 7 N. Maryland Avenue, 101 Sunrise Avenue, 105 Sunrise Avenue, 112 Maple Avenue, 105 1st Street, 7 Caroline Avenue, 10 Oakview Court and 5 Greenridge Avenue.

Thanks to the Ridgely Historical Society and the Ridgely Lions Club, and the following businesses located within Ridgely, without whose generous support, there would be no contest. Gift certificates totaling more than $500 were donated by the following Ridgely businesses: All About Hair, Ridgely Pharmacy and Ice Cream Parlor, 9 Central Diner, Tri-Me Warehouse Foods, Hutchison Building & Supply, Rob’s Quality Car Care, Doug’s Tire, Fosters, Dave’s Place and Ridgely Pizza.

Congratulations to all the winners of 2019 as well as the businesses and homes that were decorated and helped provide holiday cheer throughout the Town. Hopefully many more will decorate in the coming years in order to make Ridgely, look even more festive at Christmas time.

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