Preston Historical Society to show canning documentary

Participants in Preston Historical Society’s documentary, “When Canning Was King,” come together. Front row from left, Virginia Sharp and Lorenzo Hubbard. Back row from left, Gene Harris, James Hubbard and Dick Christopher.

PRESTON — Preston Historical Society will host a premier showing of their latest video production, a documentary, “When Canning Was King,” at its membership meeting at 7 p.m. Monday, Oct. 21.

The story of the canning industry in Preston and the surrounding areas is told by way of interviews with locals Dick Christopher, Gene Harris, James Hubbard, Lorenzo Hubbard, and Virginia Sharp, and with photographs and published accounts. The industry grew up at the turn of the 20th century, reaching its peak in 1920, when 41 canning houses could be found in and around Preston.

While the canning business faded away due to changes in farming and technology, another industry it helped create, truck brokerages, which were instrumental in helping move the canned goods out of Preston and into markets around the country, still thrives in the region today.

The creation of this documentary was funded in part by Stories of the Chesapeake Heritage Area/ESHI. Gail Karge served as Project Manager and provided narration, Producer and Script Writer for the documentary was Angela Rieck, Linda Fletcher provided a character voice, theme music was provided by Robert Karge Sr., videography, editing and a character voice was provided by Warren Brey of In Focus Video Production.

Following the showing of the documentary, Ellery Adams will present a variety of items for guests to identify, with prizes awarded to those who can identify the items.

Preston Historical Society is located at 167 Main Street in Preston. More information can be found at its website,, on its Facebook Page, “Preston Historical Society,” or by calling 410-924-9080.

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