DENTON — In 2019, downtown Denton welcomed ten new businesses to the district. With a range from fashion and decor to whole foods and spices to technology and service — Denton is blossoming with something to appeal to everyone.

Downtown Denton Main Street manager Audrey Clemens says their goal is to support local businesses in the Downtown Main Street District by creating a marketing plan connecting the local businesses and residents to build overall traffic to the area. DDMS hosts numerous events over the year in an effort to not only create traffic and interest in the Downtown area but to build a sense of community for Denton residents, says Clemens, and also helps develop resources through grants, fund raising and strategic alliances with other organizations and businesses.

The businesses that opened in 2019 include: Choptank Cleaning Services & Property Maintenance, LLC – Heather & Brandon Mitchell, 7 N. 1st Street, 410-430-9673

Betty’s Boutique — Elizabeth Escobar, 222 Market Street, 702-688-0931

Cambio Broadband – Steve Kirby, 323 Market Street Suite 201, 410-779-9876

hotDesk — Mike Thielki, 323 Market Street Suite 202 & 203, 410-770-9330

Meraki — Paula Wright, 218 Market Street, 443-448-7466

Not a Phase Clothing — Terae Warner, 212 Market Street, 410-725-4278

Before & After — Melody Prairie, 405 Market Street, 410-673-8272

SnoAngels — Arlene and Gary Carroll, 323 Market Street Suite 101, 443-786-4656

Luck & Love Homestead/At the Table — Leslie Grove and Taylor Hale, 10 South 3rd Street, 410-703-5981

Purple Peake LLC — Robyn Ritter, 322 Market Street, 410-297-7CBD (7223)

Denton Mayor Abigail Mcninch says it is an exciting time to be a part of the town. She is also grateful to those businesses who have stayed with the town through economic downturns, like the What’s New Shop, an anchor for now more than three decades.

Read more about the other businesses highlighted in next week’s edition.

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