Denton Catholics celebrate All Saints Day

Father John Gabage, right, celebrated the Solemnity of All Saints Mass at St. Elizabeth Roman Catholic Church in Denton on Nov. 1. Assisting him was Deacon Bill Nickum, left.

DENTON — About 75 local Catholics took an hour-long break from a contentious, name-calling political campaign to focus on the saints in heaven.

Father John Gabage led an All Saints Mass at 7 p.m. Nov. 1 at St. Elizabeth of Hungary Roman Catholic Church in Denton.

“Are you a sinner like I am?” Gabage, a former teacher, asked the worshipers.

The congregation answered and nodded in agreement.

“I’m in good company then,” he said.

Assisting Gabage were Deacon Bill Nickum, cantor Linda Nickum, organist Joan Dent and adult acolyte Carol Roller. The annual worship service, known formally as the Solemnity of All Saints, is a holy day of obligation for Catholics.

“All the saints were sinners in life,” Gabage reminded the worshipers.

Because of their courage and persistence in pursuing holiness, he said, “They won the crown of imperishable glory which each of us is looking forward to.”

Gabage reminded his congregation to ask the saints to intercede for them.

“In other words,” he said, “Ask them, ‘Help me out down here.’”

All Saints Day is celebrated perennially on Nov. 1. According to, “The day before was the feast’s evening vigil, “All Hallows Even,” or “Hallowe’en.”

A litany of many of the church’s most prominent saints, including the parish’s two patron saints, was featured during the Mass.

St. Elizabeth Church traces its origin in Denton to 1824. Historically, it is the mission church of St. Benedict Roman Catholic Church in Ridgely.

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