EMS Division Chief

Caroline County Commissioners welcome new EMS Chief Mark Fletcher, second from left. With Fletcher are Commissioners Dan Franklin, left, Larry Porter and Wilbur Levengood.

DENTON — The Caroline County Department of Emergency Services has hired Mark Fletcher as the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Division Chief. Fletcher will began his new position this month.

Fletcher comes to Caroline County with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the emergency services field, having retired after 29 years of service from Baltimore City Fire Department, where he most recently served the Deputy Chief of Emergency Medical Services.

Fletcher started his career in EMS as a volunteer with Baltimore County’s Middle River Ambulance and Rescue Company, where he obtained his paramedic certification and was a swift water rescue diver tech. Prior to his role as Deputy Chief of EMS, he was Deputy Chief of Information and Technology, where he managed fire communications and multiple emergency communications–related projects.

“Mark brings a wealth of experience and knowledge of the emergency medical services field. His forward thinking and focus on quality improvement will ensure we continue striving for excellence in service to our residents and visitors.” said Deputy Director Anna Sierra. “He’ll be a great benefit to the Caroline County team.”

Fletcher is widely known as a national EMS leader and was recently awarded the MIEMSS Director’s Award for Excellence in recognition of Baltimore City’s Fire Department’s mobile integrated health program. Fletcher is also an advocate for EMS system improvements nationally, and he has been a speaker and presenter at a number of conferences.

Fletcher’s experience with emergency medical services agencies throughout the state and existing relationships with fellow EMS leaders on the Eastern Shore will make his transition into Caroline County smooth.

“Partnership is the foundation of the ‘Caroline Way,’ and we were impressed by Mark’s ability to bring people together to find solutions,” said Bryan Ebling, Director, Emergency Services.

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