CHESTERTOWN — At the annual meeting of the Association of Independent Maryland and D.C. Schools, the membership elected Kent School’s Head of School Nancy Mugele to serve as the board president.

Her term began Aug. 1.

Founded in 1967, AIMS is the primary accreditation, advocacy and professional development organization for 122 independent schools in both Maryland and Washington. It serves schools representing nearly 50,000 students and 12,000 employees, including Kent School, Radcliffe Creek School in Chestertown, The Gunston School and Wye River Upper School in Centreville and The Country School in Easton.

Mugele said she was "deeply honored" to serve AIMS, which she described as one of the most forward thinking and rigorous regional associations in the country.

"AIMS supports schools with a range of missions and student populations and I am grateful to be a part of its work at the state and the national level,” Mugele said in a prepared statement.

Peter Baily, executive director of AIMS, said Mugele continues a tradition of excellence in AIMS board leadership.

“She has distinguished herself by her strategic thinking and her commitment to the advancement of our member schools,” Baily said in a news release.

Mugele, who has been Kent School's head of school since 2016, has served on the AIMS board for four years.

Kent School, located on Wilkins Lane outside of Chestertown, is an independent school serving boys and girls in preschool through grade eight.