Results High School Cross Country Thursday’s Meets (at Cambridge-SD High, Cambridge) Class 1A East Championships Girls’ Team Results (Top four teams advance to states) 1. Bohemia Manor, 37; 2. Cambridge-SD 40; 3. Perryville, 77; 4. Patterson Mill, 84; 5. North Dorchester, 114; only complete teams. Girls’ Top 25 Individuals 1. Condon (CSD) 20:47.99; 2. Osborne (BM) 21:15.59; 3. Murray (Havre de Grace) 21:31.12; 4. James (PV) 21:34.90; 5. Hyde (CSD) 21:59.27; 6. Clark (PV) 22:13.97; 7. Preske (BM) 22:27.80; 8. DiPasqua (MAR) 22:36.99; 9. Schwarz (CSD) 22:43.48; 10. Meis (BM) 22:55.77; 11. Todd (ND) 22:59.32; 12. Sakers (BM) 22:59.38; 13. Grimm (Snow Hill) 23:12.05; 14. Koerner (BM) 23:13.49; 15. San (CSD) 23:13.53; 16. Kruger (PM) 23:24.83; 17. Ikemoto (PM) 24:00.38; 18. Mennit (ND) 24:11.96; 19. Lewis (CSD) 24:19.23; 20. Scramlin (PV) 24:39.63; 21. M. Tomic (PM) 24:42.68; 22. J. Tomic (PM) 24:52.72; 23. Lyttle (PM) 24:55.24; 24. Ervin (KC) 25:15.73; 25. Heath (BM) 25:25.49. Boys’ Team Results (Top five teams advance to states) 1. Cambridge-SD, 31; 2. Patterson Mill, 51; 3. Bohemia Manor, 55; 4. North Dorchester, 104; 5. Snow Hill, 153; 6. Kent County, 163; 7. Perryville, 194; 8. Pocomoke, 231; 9. Mardela, 246). Boys’ Top 25 Individuals 1. 1. Leone (BM) 16:23.66; 2. Condon (CSD) 16:33.14; 3. Clayton (CSD) 17:28.96; 4. Jones (CSD) 17:42.57; 5. Dunne (PM) 17:49.16; 6. Luzetsky (BM) 17:54.78; 7. Norton (PM) 17:58.04; 8. Tisch (PM) 17:59.43; 9. Ray (ND) 18:05.77; 10. Doty (CSD) 18:09.35; 11. Jarrell (BM) 18:14.31; 12. Slacum (CSD) 18:23.68; 13. Wise (SH) 18:25.58; 14. Wilson (PM) 18:34.48; 15. Ahmed (CSD) 18:36.87; 16. Polk (ND) 18:47.25; 17. Robinson (PM) 18:51.66; 18. Thompson (BM) 18:53.64; 19. Seither (BM) 19:08.34; 20. Bohle (KC) 19:11.18; 21. Hadel (SH) 19:15.28; 22. Payne (CSD) 19:26.70; 23. Davis (BM) 19:38.24; 24. Jones (ND) 19:49.87; 25. Grahe (PV) 19:51.73. Class 2A East Championships Girls’ Team Results (Top five teams advance to states) 1. Kent Island, 42; 2. North Harford, 89; 3. Queen Anne’s County, 97; 4. Elkton, 106; 5. Harford Tech, 112; 6. Rising Sun, 120; 7. North Caroline, 137; 8. Fallston, 148; 9. Parkside, 273. Girls’ Top 25 Individuals 1. Kratovil-Lavelle (KI) 19:12.46; 2. Ramirez (North East) 19:53.13; 3. Delp (KI) 19:59.98; 4. van Ornum (KI) 20:06.78; 5. Brown (NH) 20:08.62; 6. Horst (RS) 20:16.49; 7. Ayers (North East) 20:23.80; 8. Durner (NC) 20:53.97; 9. Wiggins (NH) 21:11.43; 10. Marra (ELK) 21:13.46; 11. Greenblatt (ELK) 21:23.35; 12. Kornke (FALL) 21:27.34; 13. Orzech (HT) 21:28.73; 14. Sutherlan (QA) 21:37.49; 15. Crawford (QA) 21:48.64; 16. Claggett (KI) 22:07.06; 17. Miller (ELK) 22:10.59; 18. Marsinko (RS) 22:30.20; 19. Clark (RS) 22:39.98; 20. Bisesi (NC) 22:43.30; 21. Trimble (NH) 22:47.36; 22. Herrera (HT) 22:47.43; 23. Toth (QA) 22:5126; 24. Walsh (KI) 22:54.74; 25. Barton (HT) 23:02.62. Boys’ Team Results (Top six teams advance to states) 1. Fallston, 49; 2. Harford Tech, 50; 3. Kent Island, 68; 4. North Harford, 81; 5. Elkton, 167; 6. Queen Anne’s County, 172; 7. North East, 191; 8. North Caroline, 210; 9. Rising Sun, 216; 10. Parkside, 311; 11. Wicomico, 348. Boys’ Top 25 Individuals C — Course record 1. Walsh (KI) 15:24.72C; 2. Baranoski (HT) 15:26.54C; 3. Taylor (HT) 15:56.63; 4. G. Daly (FALL) 15:59.39; 5. Tikiob (NH) 16:12.40; 6. Taylor (HT) 16:17.18; 7. Flatau (FALL) 16:18.54; 8. Christophel (NC) 16:20.81; 9. Schulties (KI) 16:23.95; 10. Vega (ELK) 16:55.27; 11. Xavier (FALL) 17:00.38; 12. Q. Daly (FALL) 17:17.78; 13. Ramsland (NH) 17:23.70; 14. Hanesworth (KI) 17:30.85; 15. Kahler (FALL) 17:32.88; 16. Pearse (KI) 17:35.58; 17. Ulmer (NH) 17:56.31; 18. Fabula (FALL) 17:56.91; 19. Litvin (HT) 18:02.80; 20. Saltysiak (HT) 18:06.30; 21. Mazurek (HT) 18:07.76; 22. Sweaney (NH) 18:08.20; 23. Marrow (HT) 18:10.93; 24. Kapustensky (NH) 18:17.37; 25. Connolly (FALL) 18:17.67.

CAMBRIDGE — Kent Island High’s Charlotte Kratovil-Lavelle tried to make herself uncomfortable, while the sound of footsteps never really allowed teammate Finn Walsh to get comfortable.

Cambridge-South Dorchester’s John Condon gave chase, while his older sister, Sarah, wished she had someone chasing her to quicken the pace.

Kratovil-Lavelle and Sarah Condon won their respective titles in convincing fashion, John Condon was runner-up, but led Cambridge-SD’s boys’ to a team title, and Walsh broke the course record for a second consecutive week Thursday afternoon during the Class 1A and 2A East Region cross country championships at Cambridge-SD’s Jungle.

“They continue to impress me every day,” Kent Island head coach Kristen Park said of 2A East champions Walsh and Kratovil-Lavelle.

The 2A East boys’ race was projected as the day’s tightest race and it was exactly that. Walsh held the lead as the field emerged from the woods for the first time, and maintained a slight advantage as he guided the lead string of runners into the trees for a second time.

That string had been reduced to just Walsh and Harford Tech’s Kevin Baranoski as the two leaders escaped the woods on Mile 2, traversed the short stretch bordering one of the course’s small ponds, then ducked back into the woods. As the two leaders came into the clear and worked through the straightaway for the final entry into the woods, Walsh opened his stride and lead.

“I could always hear his footsteps and that’s what kind of motivated me to pick it up,” Walsh said. “It was definitely more of just hearing him that motivated me. The footsteps. I knew I had to pick it up (in mile two) because I knew he was going to. He’s a fast finisher, and I knew that going into it. So I knew I was really going to have to push that (second mile). So I gave 110 percent and it seems like it paid off.”

Eight days after winning the Bayside Conference championship in a course-record 15 minutes, 28.54 seconds, Walsh said he was running with the idea of lowering that mark again. But that notion disappeared with Baranoski shadowing him over the majority of the first two miles.

“Honestly I was going into it,” Walsh said of trying to set another course record. “But all I could think about was beating Kevin. I just knew if I could beat him, then we’d both get the record and that’s kind of what happened. So I was happy about that.”

Walsh gained a bit of separation as he went in and out of the woods one last time before steaming across the finish line in a record 15:24.72. Baranoski also broke Walsh’s standard from the week before with his runner-up 15:26.54.

“Euphoric,” Walsh said when asked how he felt about his time and title. “I’m just ready to grind for states.”

Kent Island finished third in the boys’ race with 68 points behind first-place Fallston (49) and runner-up Harford Tech (50).

Running cross country for the first time after three years of playing soccer, Kratovil-Lavelle won the conference title last week, but fell shy of running under 19 minutes. Noting she may have become too comfortable during her dominating Bayside performance, Kratovil-Lavelle began opening a sizeable lead as she navigated a second tour through the woods, but this time tried to increasing her pace.

“I was trying to push myself so that I was not as comfortable, but I felt generally good,” Kratovil-Lavelle said.

There was no one close to the Kent Island senior though as he came out of the woods one last time and pushed for the finish line, winning in 19:12.46, a time almost five seconds faster than her conference-winning mark, and 41 seconds ahead of runner-up Yailynn Ramirez of North East (19:53.13).

“I’m so happy I did cross country,” Kratovil-Lavelle said. “Feels great. Faster time. I am definitely happy. I’m thrilled.

“And my time. … I wanted to get sub-19 and I didn’t,” Kratovil-Lavelle continued. “But I’m still happy with my time because it was a PR; because I still won. But I did slow down my second mile again as is typical of me. So when I go to states next Saturday I’m going to want to make sure to focus on my splits and try to get consistent splits.”

Following Kratovil-Lavelle across the finish line in third and fourth place, respectively, were freshmen teammates Reese Delp (19:59.98) and Sarah van Ornum (20:06.78), who helped the Buccaneers win the girls’ team title with 42 points, well ahead of runner-up North Harford (89) and third-place Queen Anne’s County (97).

“I thought it might be tough,” Park said of winning the girls’ team title. “I thought they definitely had the potential, but a lot can happen in three miles. And it’s a big race for freshmen and we were depending a lot on them. They’ve clearly stepped up.”

Sarah Condon, who became the Bayside Conference’s first female state cross country champion a year ago, wasted little time in establishing a lead in the 1A race, and had already gained separation from the field during her second pass through the woods. But with no one to challenge her, Condon came across the finish line with a first-place time of 20:47.99, well ahead of second-place Maya Osborne of Bohemia Manor (21:15.59), but not the mark she was looking for a week prior to states.

“I was sad because I haven’t PR’d at all this season, and I knew this was my last chance,” Cambridge-SD’s senior standout said. “But I didn’t really have anyone to race me to that pace. So I was just trying to race and stay first.

“I went out a little too fast,” Condon admitted. “And it was hard to catch my breath towards the second mile. I was actually told not to go out fast the first mile, but I did. I was thinking, ‘I don’t know how I’m going to get to the finish, but I’m going to get there.’ The coaches were making it seem like there was someone right behind me but I knew.”

Anna Hyde was fifth (21:59.27) and Alexandra Schwarz ninth (22:43.48) to help the Vikings finish second in the team standings with 40 points — three behind champion Bohemia Manor.

John Condon led the 1A boys’ field out of the first wooded section and through the narrow path flanked by trees and water. But as the leaders moved through the second stretch of trees, Bohemia Manor’s Day Leone held the lead and never relinquished it through miles two and three.

“We were battling during the first mile and then he passed me at about the mile-and-a-half,” John Condon said of Leone. “I felt him getting away and I tried to catch up to him throughout the woods. By the time we passed the two-mile (mark) he probably had five to seven seconds on me, and I was like, ‘I think I can catch him.’ But at the two-and-a-half-mile mark, we were about seven seconds apart and I tried to catch up to him but I didn’t make it by the end.”

Leone won in 16:23.66, with Condon coming in second at 16:33.14, and Viking teammates Declan Clayton (17:28.96) and Bryce Jones (17:42.57) finishing third and fourth, respectively, to help Cambridge-SD win the boys’ 1A crown with 31 points. Patterson Mill was second with 51 points.

“They executed, they responded,” Viking head coach Sean Reincke said of his boys’ team. “They did some of the things that the women didn’t, which is why they were able to come out on top and the women fell a little short.

“When you’re a top-five runner, you’ve got an obligation,” Reincke said. “It’s just how the sport is. If you don’t come through, those couple places can be the difference, and those three points that (the girls) lost, that’s why we were second and they were one.”

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