I was struck by the (recent) front-page article about medical marijuana in Queen Anne’s County.

Several things were absolutely true, and I wanted to expand on them. The study, by Goucher College, said 67% of Maryland adults were in favor of recreational marijuana. (The Drug Free QAC Coalition) will be surveying QA this year.

Originally, in 1999, a State Commission was formed to study legalization, the results were never released, but the recommendation was NO legalization until more studies were done on the impact to our society. No studies were done, just proposed again with an idea marijuana legalization would help our treasured minority population.

With legalization, small businesses close to corporate owned stores. That happened in Colorado, and in other states that legalized. Those states also had a deadly increase in marijuana related traffic accidents/deaths related to marijuana. Use of marijuana by Maryland Youth is already much higher than the national average. Public Health has seen a huge increase in marijuana hospitalization and suicides. (www.rmhidta.org)

People say CBD oil or marijuana oil helps them when nothing else has. Who could deny it for those in pain, the elderly or those in hospice? All true, however the overwhelming reason for the request of a medical marijuana card is still undiagnosed pain, followed by PTSD symptoms.

As to QA not making Ash+Ember welcome in QA, myself and others did speak to all the incorporated towns, and QA officials against medical marijuana in our county. We just advertised against legalization in the March 18 edition of the Star Democrat.

Medical marijuana is a marketing term. If it were truly medical you could get it at the drug store.

It is also very true that during the pandemic alcohol sales in QA are through the roof. A difference is the alcohol outlets in QA also care about our community and for the most part do not want to sell to youth, or let people leave drunk. They support their community by generously giving for community needs.

Queen Anne’s County is not just, to quote Ash+Ember all about “cannabis, guns and booze.” We are more than that, we are a community that actually cares about our citizens.


Drug Free QAC Coalition

Editor’s note: The article quotes Ash+Ember owner Ashley Colen as saying, “Sales during COVID have been really good. It’s all cannabis, guns and booze.”

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