TRAPPE — Volunteers handed out 120 turkeys and other food for Thanksgiving at their monthly mobile food pantry on Thursday, Nov. 19, in Trappe.

The food giveaway typically distributes food to the community on the fourth Thursday of every month, according to the event’s organizer, Naomi Diane “Lady D” Thomas.

Thomas began her work helping feed the local community in 2006 when her predecessor at Scott’s United Methodist Church stepped down. What was then a grocery delivery to about five or six local people became a mobile food pantry in 2008, and now serves over 100 people every month.

Thursday’s giveaway was larger than usual, with 120 turkeys distributed and about 40 people being turned away with no turkey.

The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, government orders and restrictions and pullbacks in consumer and business spending have resulted in lost jobs, pay cuts and work furloughs.

Thomas said her reaction to doing a mobile pantry at that time was, “This will be a good one for us,” as the church does not have the facilities for a full time pantry.

Thomas secured the turkeys for Thursday’s giveaway when she responded affirmatively to Maryland Food Bank this summer. The majority of the food comes from the Maryland Food Bank, including the sweet potatoes and bags of fresh collards being passed out by volunteers.

The normal distribution is done by church members, but Thomas went to Talbot County officials for help when the COVID pandemic posed threats to the outreach volunteers, many of whom were elderly. Thomas said a good way to give to the effort is to support the Maryland Food Bank.

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