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SUDLERSVILLE — In a unanimous vote by the Sudlersville Town Commission, Resolution 2019-03 governing procedures and conduct at official meetings was passed during the Wednesday, Aug. 7, public session.

Although Town Commissioner Larry Leonard was absent due to illness, the quorum of Ronald Ford, Carrie Comegys and David Ruffner presented the 21 provisions that included everything from the usual date and time for meetings to acceptable conduct during the proceedings and guidelines for being asked to leave a meeting.

“Any person creating an interruption of the commission meeting while in session will be warned to adhere to procedures set forth,” the ordinance states. “A second warning may result in being asked to leave the meeting with the possibility of receipt of a certified letter barring the person from future meetings.”

As usual, residents can address town commissioners during the public comment portion of the meeting and such comments will be entered into the official record approved by town commissioners at the beginning of the next session.

According to the ordinance, previously resolved votes can also be revisited under certain conditions.

“(Such) motions shall be entertained only from a commission member who voted with the majority at the time of the initial decision at the next regular commission meeting after appropriate notice of the motion to reconsider,” the ordinance stipulates.

Town commissioners also must recuse themselves from votes where they have either direct or indirect personal or financial interest in the matter being considered.

Items to be included in the agenda of a regular meeting must be received in writing by the town administrator or town clerk by 3 p.m. the Thursday prior to the regular session. Electronic communication is also acceptable.

Proposed ordinances must be submitted in writing and approved by the town attorney prior to introduction.

Finally, “all regular and special town commission meetings shall adjourn no later than 9 p.m. unless the commission temporarily suspends the requirement for a particular meeting” following an affirmative vote by a majority of town commissioners.

Resolution 2019-03 took effect immediately following the vote by town commissioners.

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