CENTREVILLE — Searching for an exciting, new career? The Queen Anne’s County Office of the Sheriff debuted its first recruitment video in April, asking, “Do you have what it takes to be a part of the team?” The office is currently recruiting highly motivated individuals with a passion to serve and protect the community.

“We are proud to present our first recruitment video. We hope this video resonates with those persons who have a passion for law enforcement and helping others. If this sounds like you, I highly encourage you to apply. Together, we can continue to keep Queen Anne’s County headed in the right direction and help it continue to be an amazing place to live, work and play,” said Sheriff Gary Hofmann.

The department is actively recruiting new applicants, said Hofmann, and the biggest challenge they are facing right now is keeping competitive with pay. There has been a downturn in individuals interested in the profession, said Hofmann, for many reasons, and departments must be competitive with compensation.

The starting salary in Queen Anne’s for a deputy is $50,000, and new recruits receive pay during training, as well as tuition reimbursement.

This community does support law enforcement, that is one of the best benefits of working for this county, Hofmann said.

The department is currently working through the cadet program to help mentor high school students who are interested in a career in law enforcement, but they are also open to applicants who may be retiring from a first career, especially former members of the military.

Hofmann said they would love to see an increase in applicants who are local and also from minority groups.

Interested applicants are encouraged to talk with a recruiter first about the qualifications. Those individuals should have the highest integrity and be free of drugs and a criminal history.

However, the job is not for everyone, cautioned Hofmann, in today’s world it is hard to have that mind set to go into dangerous situations.

It can be an exciting, rewarding, and stressful, but also awesome career and way to give back to the community, he said.

Showcasing a wide range of scenarios that officers in Queen Anne’s face, in the recruitment video, Dfc. Andrew Neall, pauses outside a door turning to face Cpl. Chad Hartmetz. As Neall plays the role of uncertain newcomer he questions whether he is prepared for the job.

Harmetz tells Neall, “We selected you. You trained for this. You have the experience and community relations and desire to help others. And best of all, you have a great team behind you.”

As Neall considers this, he reminds himself aloud of the competitive salaries and great benefit opportunities the position affords.

“This is a career, not a job,” Harmetz tells him. The video then takes an unexpected turn as the two enter an elementary school classroom full of excited students.

There are also openings for auxiliary staff, ages 18 and up. Those members must volunteer a minimum of eight hours per month and are vetted through a background check, said Hofmann. There are opportunities for inside work, as well as traffic direction, especially with the many fairs and carnivals during the summer.

Auxiliary members save the department money by limiting staff overtime, in turn saving taxpayers money as well, he added. If you are considering a volunteer position with the department, they will arrange for an opportunity to ride-along and experience the job first hand.

The department has an allocated staff of 69 sworn deputies, and there are many opportunities to obtain rank and specialized training.

“We want you to be a member of the team if you think you can make the cut, if you think can take on the challenge and help us keep Queen Anne’s County a safe place, fun county, and great place to work,” said Hoffman. “I want you to join our team and get your application in.”

To view available openings visit www.queenannessheriff.org/employment/. To view video, follow the Queen Anne’s County Office of the Sheriff on Facebook.

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