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CHESTER — Independent U.S. Senate candidate Neal Simon, 49, of Potomac, Md. (Montgomery County), made a recent stop in Queen Anne’s County as part of what he called a “listening tour.”

He said he was assessing concerns of state residents and planned to visit all 23 counties and Baltimore City within a 31-day time period, explaining his platform to both Republican and Democratic voters who would like to see change in government. He said Congress has failed the American people with years of partisan stalemate at the federal level.

Simon met with local residents at Fisherman’s Inn Restaurant in Grasonville. He was introduced by Peter Sloan, who has known Simon for a number of years as a business associate.

Sloan said, “I’ve found Neal to be an honest businessman, and he is ethical, which seems to be the kind of person we need more in our nation’s capitol representing us.”

Simon did not mince words.

He said, “People keep telling me how frustrated they are with the partisanship that Democrats and Republicans keep playing, getting nothing done. What they’re doing is pitting us against each other, spurring on divisiveness. I can’t understand why our national government doesn’t operate as one team.”

Simon quoted former President George Washington’s warning about the creation of political parties, that they (political parties) would divide us as a nation.

Simon also pointed to the founding father’s warning about “amassing excessive debt and fighting unnecessary wars.”

Simon acknowledged that recent polls show “the greatest disdain against the existing political parties in the U.S. is highest among the youngest voters.”

“These youngest voters realize that the existing political parties are sticking the next generation with a lot of debt,” he said.

Simon said other states besides Maryland are interested in creating a third party of independent representatives. Another poll shows that 70 percent of voters would seriously consider electing an independent candidate to help move the government forward. Independents would act together as decisive group that both the Democrats and Republicans cannot ignore if they truly want to get something done to benefit the nation, he said.

“I’m in it to win it,” Simon said. “We’re best as a nation when we’re together. Nothing has been getting done. We need change. I want to see Maryland become a model for the nation on working together to make things better for all of us.”

Priorities listed on Simon’s platform include government reform, bringing high paying jobs to Maryland, lower health care costs, fiscal responsibility, immigrants and border security, and reducing gun violence. For more information, visit his website,

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