CENTREVILLE — Documentary filmmakers from SNM Global Holdings continued collecting interviews for their film, “Love Letters to the Shore,” to capture the Eastern Shore mindset on film.

For Kevin George, a Kent Island native who now lives in Easton, contributing to the project as a writer and producer meant delving into memories of touchstone locations during his life. It also provided an opportunity to provide context to a way of life not often seen outside the state.

The production recently held interview sessions on Saturday, Oct. 6, at the Eastern Shore Community Crab Feast with the Queen Anne’s County Watermen’s Association.

Other locals on the production team included Brent Lewis of Grasonville and Mary Klepper from Kent Island.

The production continued recording interviews with residents in August and will run throughout the fall. It is expected to be released early next year. The director is Snow Hill native Allison Tucker. She still frequents the small town and is a graduate of Salisbury University. She earned a master’s degree from Wilmington University to further her career in film.

“I was reached on facebook by Troy Lowman, who is a native of Queen Anne’s County,” said George. “We struck up a friendship and he started this project which he calls a personal passion. He has the resources and he asked if I could help and the rest went off from there. It’s fun being part of the process and I’ve always been fascinated by the film industry.”

Lowman is the CEO of SNM Global Holdings and is the executive director of the project. Before long, George joined the ever-growing team of people behind the scenes. Paring down the number of ideas covered in the film also required a delicate balance.

Whether it was the history of the region, watermen or farming life, conservation, or small town culture, the documentary strives covers it all.

By getting the story from the people who lived it, the production hopes to achieve authenticity that hopefully resonated with the viewing public. Every scenario of how one came to be part of the Eastern Shore seems to be covered, either by growing up in the area or relocating to it.

“I wasn’t surprised by the stories, but I didn’t necessarily know some people were out there. Some of those stories may need to edited, because there’s so much great material. We’ve spoken with a variety of people and they all have the Eastern Shore in common,” said George.

George grew up on Kent Island and attended Queen Anne’s County Schools. After moving away to attend college, he returned to start a family. The former journalist now lives in Easton with his wife and two sons and said he hopes to include even international travelers that have come back home to the Shore.

Catching the production bug on the project, George hopes his work on “Love Letters to the Shore” will lead to similar work. Discussions have already taken place on other collaborations with Lowman in the future.

“It’s been so much fun working on this and we still don’t now how we’re going to package this or what kind of visual thread we’re going to have. It’s exciting to know that we’re already working with something that’s special,” said George.

For now, parent company SNM Global their holding, Bullitt Point Productions, plan on remote filming throughout various shore locations.

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