CENTREVILLE — Centreville Town Council presented for the first reading the proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2020 during the May 17 meeting. The tax rate is to remain the same as last year, and with a positive transfer made to the fund balance in the amount of $21,174.

Per the adoption of ordinance 06-2019, the tax rate levied for Fiscal Year 2019 will be $0.405 per $100 of assessed value, and the public utility tax rate for Fiscal Year 2019 will be $3.11 per $100 of assessed value and is incorporated in the attached document which constitutes the budget.

For the General Fund’s operating budget, revenues for FY2020 total $4.49 million and projected expenses total $4.04 million, with nearly $431,000 owed to debt service.

The Enterprise Fund operating budget proposes $1.99 million in revenues and expenses of $2.43 million, requiring $431,000 from the fund balance.

A public hearing was held during the open meeting and no comments were made by citizens.

At the April budget work session, council discussed each department’s budgets and line items were discussed. The following were agreed upon, by consensus: on a trial basis, create a revolving fund for the Department of Public Works and Police Department overtime for remaining funds to be encumbered at the end of the year; provide the Chesterfield Cemetery Advisory Committee with the annual interest amount generated from the perpetual care fund for projects with 90% of the annual interest income being available to the Chesterfield Cemetery Advisory Committee and 10% is placed back in the perpetual care fund.

Council also agreed to step and career ladder increases; agreed to fund an additional Waste Water Treatment Plant operator for three-quarters of a year; and reduced cost allocation to 25%.

The Council members agreed, also by consensus to the following capital budget requests: for administrative functions an Accufund Conversion (cost included in general fund and enterprise fund) and new computers. The police department requested and will receive one new and two refurbished vehicles and a generator — if not grant approved.

The streets department will receive funds for a commercial mower, yard fuel station upgrade for the Department of Public Works, a snow box attachment, shop building repairs, monies for the sidewalk revolving fund, and a F450 small dump truck. Also included was a part-time utility worker, funding for the repaving of Church Lane and Fayette Street.

The cemetery will also receive funding for a commercial mower, and all remaining lanes paved (to include $15,000 raised by CAC and perpetual care money to be used); and water/wastewater departments will receive funding for computers, an F250 Snow Plow, Re-Bed Wexford Drive Filters – North Brook, a Cross Connection control program; and a WWTP operator (3/4 year starting Oct. 1).

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