Jim Coulter

Democratic candidate for District 3 County Commissioner Jim Coulter speaks with Karen Green of Stevensville about important issues facing Queen Anne’s County.

CENTREVILLE — Jim Coulter can thank excellent timing and examples of public service within his family for inspiring him to run as the Democratic candidate for the District 3 Queen Anne’s County Commission seat.

He learned from a father that served as the Secretary of Natural Resources for the State of Maryland. After military service in the Army, he attained a master’s degree in finance and served at the helm of a successful company.

“I worked in corporate life for a number of years where I managed budgets and financial systems,” said Coulter. “We ran a real estate business for a number of years that was successful and sold it to a brokerage firm. I’ve always been active in the community serving on the board of directors for a hospital. My family has even been active with Habitat for Humanity as well.”

Currently, Coulter serves as a volunteer for the county program, Character Counts, at Grasonville Elementary School. As a busy resident of Queen Anne’s County, the urge to become a candidate was rooted in what he saw as increasing political strife in recent years and public servants aligning themselves with ideologies rather than realistic solutions.

The adage that any political campaign should be more about helping constituents than simply getting elected is alive and well in the Coulter camp. Yet getting the message out about vital platform points is easier said than done.

“I had an opportunity after selling my business when I was contacted by the Democratic Central Committee and I seized that opportunity,” Coulter said. “(Commissioners) have to do their homework and we have to listen to the dedicated people in the county that know about the issues. Managing the details of the county requires partnerships to come up with answers.”

Coulter cited his business background as an asset in dealing the complexities of pressing budgetary issues like controlled growth in Queen Anne’s County, costs for traffic solutions, funds for first responder services, and environmental issues with the Bay.

One pressing issue facing the county is the increased number of cars on U.S. Route 50/301. Following the Consolidated Transportation Program meeting with the Maryland Department of the Transportation and the county Tuesday, Sept. 18, county commissioners officially introduced a traffic plan.

“The state has to listen to us and give us the (resources) to fix it. This was a problem they created and one that affects Kent Island residents. We have to be a thorn in their side and in front all the time to finally push an agenda through,” Coulter said.

He warned against bringing up the traffic issue just for the summer season noting that it is incumbent on state delegates and county commissioners to stress alleviating measures.

“I feel that there’s a number of issues that commissioners are raising because it’s an election. If there’s an indictment against the current commission, it’s that all these issues are coming out five weeks before the election,” Coulter said.

Coulter said the public should keep in mind what he called his measured and responsible approach to complex issues.

Coulter faces former County Commissioner Phil Dumenil in the general election.

More information on Coulter is available at www.coulterforcommissioner.ruck.us.

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