FInal Budget

From left to right, Jonathan Seeman, director of Budget, Finance & IT, provided an overview of the changes to the proposed FY2020 budget to County Commissioners Steve Wilson, Chris Corchiarino, Jim Moran, and Phil Dumenil.

CENTREVILLE — In a unanimous vote by the Queen Anne’s County Commissioners during the Tuesday, May 28, meeting, an FY2020 budget totaling $144,373,465 was approved with minor revisions to the initial proposed budget.

A total of $162,997 is the adjustment to expenditures, while also being the total adjustments to revenue.

“Next to the safety of the citizens of the county, there’s no more pressing matter than our fiscal responsibility,” said Commissioner Jim Moran. “This budget accounts for needs as well as amenities. We feel going into next year’s budget, we have a good basis as well. We were able to give additional funding to the Board of Education and the library.”

The total approved in fiscal 2020 for the Queen Anne’s County Free Library was $1,889,225, while the total for the Board of Education equaled $59,491,381.

Other changes on the expenditures side include an increase of $25,000 for the Kent Narrows Development Foundation.

The Family Center of Queen Anne’s County saw an increase of $18,045. That brings the sum up to a total of $25,000, which was the amount allocated to the center in FY2018 and FY2019. For FY2020, the center was initially only awarded $6,955, although it sought $45,000.

The Sudlersville Memorial Library received an additional $5,000, with the Town of Sudlersville receiving an increase of $25,000.

The county’s Board of Elections allocation was reduced by $69,390, bringing the total expenditure to $942,694 from an original proposed amount of $1,012,084, capping salary increases at 3 percent.

Fireworks were budgeted for the towns of Centreville, Sudlersville and Queenstown, with each getting $5,000, bringing the sum to $15,000.

The On-the-Spot bonus program, a tool for employee retention for the county, was awarded an additional $10,000 bringing the total to $40,000 in the FY2020 budget.

The Queen Anne’s County Board of Education was given an additional $107,000 for the virtual classroom program.

The position of Economic Development director was allotted $77,000. That includes $50,000 for half a year’s salary and a full year of benefits costing $27,000.

The county’s Parks Department saw the removal of budgeting for one new employee which equalled $49,659 and one dollar was added for rounding purposes.

As a result of a duplication of services in the municipality, residents of the Town of Centreville will receive $34,089 back in a discounted tax rate to Queen Anne’s County. That sum was reduced from the county revenue of both Real and Personal Property Taxes and Income Taxes totaling $124,579,561. The increased income tax adjustment for the county in FY2020 equalled $165,086.

Finally, Dump Tickets total $32,000 and other funding includes a Sex Offender Grant given to the Queen Anne’s County Sheriff’s Office in the amount of $1,022.

“We feel this budget and additional personnel move the county forward without having to address that next year,” Moran said.

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