QUEENSTOWN — The abandoned puppy found off U.S. Route 301 in Millington has a new home.

Queen Anne’s County Animal Welfare League Director Ramon Villatoro called it “a great match!”

The puppy was found Sept. 24, when a highway construction worker spotted it down over the embankment beside the road and called it in, saying the bank was too steep for him to get down to reach the it.

The frightened puppy stayed next to its crate until help arrived. It looked as though the crate had been tossed over the side of the bank or maybe kicked from a moving vehicle, and the door was sprung — probably on its trip down the hill — enabling the pup to get out.

Animal Control Officer Meg Graven picked up the pup and took it to Animal Welfare League for a health assessment and care.

Upon examination, they found the dog was a 6-month-old, female Belgian Malinois, weighing 35 pounds, Villatoro said. She didn’t appear any the worse for wear from her adventure. The folks at the shelter named her Adeline.

At the end of her eight-day stray hold, the veterinarian gave Adeline a clean bill of health. She received all her vaccines and was spayed, Villatoro said. She also had a behavior assessment. Then she was listed for adoption.

Touched by her story, calls were coming in from people interested in adopting her even before she was listed.

“Pretty much as soon as we listed her, we had three applications within the hour,” Villatoro said.

The couple who adopted Adeline already had two other dogs, a black Lab named Bella and a Belgian Malinois named Leo, Villatoro said. They brought Belle and Leo to meet Adeline at the shelter, and they all spent time playing together and getting to know one another.

When they adopted her, Adeline got a new name — Oakley.

Villatoro provided an update from Oakley’s new “mom.”

“Sweet Oakley girl is right at home. she’s bugging her big bro and sis and giving the sweetest nighttime snuggles. Her and Bella enjoy swimming together and wrestling,” she wrote.

She went on to say they all have been enjoying trail walks and visiting other family members and their dogs.

“From the moment I saw Oakley on Facebook, I knew I needed to save her. I just knew she belonged with us,” she wrote. “From our first meet and greet, she felt like family and fit perfectly with Leo and Bella. God put her in our lives for a reason, and she was meant to be with us. She may have had a rough start to life, but she will forever be loved and cherished as part of the Prince family.”

The Animal Control investigation is ongoing, said Assistant Chief Lori Morris, supervisor of special operations at the Queen Anne’s County Department of Emergency Services. They still hope to find the person who abandoned the pup.

“We need leads. Somebody knows something — someone who had a dog who doesn’t anymore, someone who wanted to get rid of their dog,” Morris said.

Anyone with information about the puppy is asked to contact Graven at mgraven@qac.org or call Animal Control at 410-758-2393.

Morris reminded the public there’s never any reason to abandon an animal on the side of the road. The shelter in Queenstown accepts drop offs anytime of day. If it is after hours, there’s a place to leave unwanted pets.

Oakley got her happy ending, but the shelter still has lots of pets looking for homes. One is a 4-month-old kitten named Pixel who had her own close-encounter on a road. She was found after being hit by a car and was brought to the shelter. Her pelvis and leg were broken. One of her back legs had to be amputated, but she now gets around just fine on three legs and is looking for a family to adopt her.

Pixel is currently in foster care so anyone wanting to get to know her will need to call ahead to schedule a meet and greet at the shelter, 410-827-7178.

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