Fall Barn Hunt

Eowyn announces her find to handler Colin Ratcliffe.

CENTREVILLE — On a beautiful autumn weekend, Oct. 28–30, about 75 dogs and their handlers gathered at Spring Cove Farm in Centreville for three days of Barn Hunt, one of the fastest growing dog sports. The event, sponsored by Talbot Kennel Club (TKC), included Parson Russell Terrier Eowyn, a Master Level competitor, who burrowed through piles of hay bales to find her prey. She found all the rats there were to find.

While there are several formats and ability levels, the basic aim of Barn Hunt is for the dog to find rats (housed in heavy plastic tubing so even the most enthusiastic dog cannot reach them) which have been hidden among large piles of hay bales. To make it even more difficult for the dog, there are also tubes containing rat bedding but no rat, as well as empty tubes, hidden amongst the hay bales.

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