CENTREVILLE — The Queen Anne’s County Planning Commission approved an amendment and granted final subdivision approval to the proposed Perry’s Retreat development in Grasonville at the March 12 meeting.

The 110.89 acre project is owned by Walter Properties LLC of Grasonville with Elm Street as the developer and DMS & Associates as the agent. It is located on the east side of Perry’s Corner Road, adjacent and south of Grasonville Park, less than half a mile south of Main Street. It is zoned Grasonville Planned Residential Neighborhood and 25.363 acres are located in the Critical Area designated resource conservation area. The site plan is partly in the 100-year flood plain, but all improvements are located outside this area.

The applicant proposed to administratively combine Parcels 45, 46, 201a and 201b into two parcels — 45 and 201 — then donate Parcel 45 (37 acres) to the county in lieu of providing moderately priced dwelling units and subdivide Parcel 201 into single family lots. The amendment also sought to adjust the number of units in each phase of the three-phase development: Phase 1, 46 units; Phase 2, 54 units; and Phase 3, 56 units.

The lighting plan was revised from 60 street lights to 28. While they generally agreed the development didn’t need 60 street lights, planners and staff stressed that lighting should be positioned to provide adequate illumination for all crosswalks to provide for pedestrian safety.

The applicant sought final subdivision approval of the entire subdivision with the request that each phase be allowed to be recorded separately.

Only one member of the public commented. Plans call for an emergency access off Perry’s Corner Road south of the community entrance. Kent Island Volunteer Fire Department President Jody Schulz noted firefighters want a paved road for the fire trucks to drive on.

Planners approved the applicant’s request unanimously.

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