From left, Barclay Town Clerk Virginia Albers and Town Commissioners Bill Ward, Norman Clough and Brian DeMoss discuss the annexation of an estimated 83.2 acres into the town.

BARCLAY — Barclay Town Commissioners voted unanimously Wednesday, Oct. 16, to annex 83.2 acres of land owned by DeMoss Lands LLC.

The proposal was largely seen as a housekeeping measure to finally bring in the five outlying parcels of land into the town for the sake of receiving town water and sewer services.

“As soon as the proposal is approved, it has to be added to the priority funding area to the grants and get in line for additional funds with the state,” said Town Commissioner Brian DeMoss.

Resolution 19-01 was introduced by commissioners June 19 to address parcels of land on both the eastern and northern boundaries of the town that had yet be officially added. The addition of the parcels also increases the number of customers to the sewer and water extension proposed from the adjacent town of Sudlersville.

Town commissioners continued the public hearing on the resolution with no one offering additional testimony.

According to Town Attorney Patrick Thomas, the Queen Anne’s County Planning Commission reviewed the proposal and found it to be consistent with Comprehensive Plan and also noted it was in the Barclay Town Growth Area. The only remaining step is to have the newly added portion of the town added to the county Comprehensive Water and Sewer Plan by an amendment.

Once the annexation is reflected on the county’s Comprehensive Plan, the property will be eligible for water and sewer service when those services become available, Thomas said.

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