Two workers rescued after falling in Miles River

STEVENSVILLE — Queen Anne’s County Sheriff Gary Hofmann is urging parents to talk to their children about safety after deputies were called to Old Love Point Park on Kent Island at 8:51 p.m. Sept. 28 for a report of an attempted abduction.

After talking with several people at the park, deputies found the caller who told them she was concerned because her 6-year-old said an elderly woman had approached a group of children and said she was there to pick them up, according to Joe Saboury, chief management analyst for the chief’s office.

After talking to a few more people, the deputies talked to the caller again, who said the woman seemed to have mistaken one of the children in the group for a child she was actually there to pick up, possibly a grandchild, Saboury said.

The park was very busy with children, and the caller did not seem to think woman was seriously attempting to abduct her son, deputies said.

Deputies checked the area for the woman, but she had left prior to their arrival. They remained in the area for more than an hour and remained in proximity of the park between other calls for service to ensure the safety of those at the park, Saboury reported.

The investigation is continuing.

“Together we can keep our kids safe,” Hofmann said.

Some do’s and don’ts for child safety:

• Do know your phone number, address and your parents’ names.

• Don’t accept rides from strangers or get into a vehicle with them.

• Don’t take anything from strangers (candy, a balloon, etc.).

• Use the buddy system; don’t walk anywhere alone.

• When seeking help, go to a trusted adult — parent, coach, police officer, older siblings.

• Report any suspicious activity.

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