Signs for our Times

Free two-sided scripture signs are widely distributed along roads, yards and communities throughout Queen Anne’s County. To request a sign for your use, contact Pastor John Pringle at 410-271-5338.

I will never forget the moment God spoke to my hurting heart as I was driving home on Kent Island Route 18. The date was Monday, Sept. 19, the day after I was told the sad news that my longtime friend and beloved Bible study teacher, Jim Andres, had unexpectedly left us for his eternal home in Heaven. I had just driven past Lowery’s Produce market (located across the street from the Kent Island Safeway) when my eyes instantly widened at the sight of a familiar yard sign posted along the right side of the road.

Moments later, as I proceeded further along this busy two-lane road, my eyes widened even further at the sight of another of Jim’s signs posted along the left side of Rt. 18 in front of our church (New Life Christian Outreach) clearly proclaiming the same message from the Gospel of John for all eyes to see — “Unless you are born again, you cannot see the Kingdom of God.” At that precise moment, God clearly spoke these words to me: “Even though he’s not here (Jim Andres), he’s still here.”

Jim Andres was not only my Bible study teacher; he was my Christian role model. A loving husband, father and grandfather and an exceptional home builder by trade, Jim carried with him a literal tool box filled with Christian gifts (including his infectious smile) that he passed along to everyone he met. One of Jim’s greatest witnessing tools was and still is his “free” two-sided Scripture signs that are widely distributed along roads, yards and communities throughout Queen Anne’s County. If anyone is interested in helping us continue Jim’s mission by displaying God’s “free” Scripture signs for all eyes to see, please contact Pastor John Pringle at 410-271-5338.

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