I am writing in regards to the email that was sent on June 5, 2020, inviting students in Queen Anne’s County Public Schools to participate in an informal discussion about race facilitated by the co-founders of Students Talking About Race. A group of local citizens is using this email as part of a campaign to have Dr. Andrea Kane removed from her position as superintendent.

I never saw the email that was sent out. It sounds like it was sent directly to students.

Does anyone know if there were a lot of parents who were upset about this email (not random community members, parents of actual students who received this email)? None of my friends with kids in school ever said anything about it that would lead me to believe anyone thought it was a big deal.

One of the main arguments is that Paul Tue has an assault record from his past, and it would not be appropriate for him to interact with students. Did the email provide any information about Mr. Tue? Did it say that he is actively involved in his community, working with at risk youth and advocating for them?

Also, why was it never mentioned that the discussion was also being led by a licensed mental health counselor, Barbie Glenn? I think this is important to acknowledge to add credibility to the discussion.

Being that the discussion was 100% optional, why was such a big deal made about this? People with concerns could just choose not to have their children participate.

Could this whole situation have been presented in a different way that would have changed the way people reacted?



Wishart identifies herself as the mother of two children who attend Queen Anne’s County Public Schools and an educator.

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