Its time for us Americans to ask our Congress to start working for the U.S. We need to stop China's taking advantage of the U.S. and for Congress to start working with this Administration to protect American interests.

We have in our deep state government a number of people who would like the U.S. decrease in its effects on world economics and decrease the U.S. on the peace of the world. We need to tell China, Russia, Iran and any other country who wants to destroy the peace of the world via their wishes that we will not accept any action on their part to destroy that peace.

It is hard to understand how many politicians in our own Country will actively support foreign governments actions to decrease our position in our world. We never took any territories after the second world war. Most nations when they win a war take over other nations and rape them of their natural resources.

We did not do that and using the programs we supported as tax payers to rebuild our defeated foes to regain a status in the world community.

When will our Congress realize this and act accordingly. Law and order is under attack on our southern borders and Congress would rather have "open borders" than defend our Nation from invasion by who knows what.

When will our Congressional people quit "HATING OUR ELECTED PRESIDENT" and start working for the people who elected them to deal with the problems we need solved for the reason they were elected to do. As long as the "Hatred of this President" continues, we as a people will continue to be ill served by the representatives we elected. GOD have mercy on us for betraying the gift of our nation has given to us.



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