In just three years, ShoreRivers has brought nearly $10 million of taxpayer money back to the Delmarva to reduce pollution in our waterways.

ShoreRivers works for cleaner rivers by stopping pollution at the source — before it enters the water — and by engaging individuals to make small, compounding changes to create a landscape of collective action for a healthier environment.

At this pivotal moment in our nation’s history, we can clearly see the power an individual can add to a movement through their vote.

At ShoreRivers, it is evident that we — and you — are part of something greater: Each Riverkeeper is a member of the global Waterkeeper Alliance; your single home yard is part of a conservation corridor creating climate resilience; your sustainable farm is a piece of the 2 million farmed acres in Maryland; each child is part of the next generation of professionals prioritizing green choices across all sectors; and your gift is one of thousands for cleaner, more accessible water.

With your help, ShoreRivers has grown its impact from limited to limitless.

We set a goal to become the clean water voice for the Eastern Shore, and we have done it.

We are a multistate technical provider with the expertise and passion to design, fund and execute pollution-reducing projects on the micro and macro scale.

We are not only “boots on the ground” specialists meeting with farmers to find ways to reduce pollution and increase yield; we are also influencing federal farm policy on behalf of clean water. We are not only teaching in the classroom; we are at the table with the superintendent. We are not only on patrol as Riverkeepers; we are leveraging our credibility to bring in well over $250,000 in pro bono legal and expert support to defend our waterways from polluters. We are not only committed to greater inclusion, access and justice for diverse communities in the environmental movement, we are emerging as a leader on the Eastern Shore in this work.

With federal, state, local and individual support, ShoreRivers has taken action against this area’s most destructive pollutants by installing 162 projects — the majority on farmland — that prevent 110,000 pounds of nitrogen; 14,600 pounds of phosphorus; and more than 4 tons of sediment from washing into our waterways every single year.

But the work is not over. On the contrary, in many ways, it is just beginning.

This year marks my retirement as well as the retirement of two influential ShoreRivers board members. John Vail and Tim Junkin founded two of our legacy organizations and planted the seeds for ShoreRivers’ success today.

To nourish and sustain this momentum, we look forward to fresh, talented and energetic leadership with Isabel Hardesty at the helm.

I will enthusiastically continue to support ShoreRivers and I truly hope you will as well. Our communities deserve it.

And remember: We will clean these rivers.

Jeff Horstman is the executive director of ShoreRivers.

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