The following is a copy of a letter submitted to this publication by the Talbot County Democratic Central Committee.


It is with a heavy heart and sincere disappointment that we draft this message to you. While disagreement and compromise are essential to the functioning of any democratic institution, there are times when significant departures from the norm necessitate a serious and considerable response.

The recent actions of our Congressman, Dr. Andy Harris, give us no other recourse than a formal request for punitive action to be taken. It is a very serious matter to challenge the actions of an elected official, not taken lightly, and never solely for political purposes. We believe the actions of Dr. Harris are so far outside the limits of responsible representation of MD-01 that they warrant a serious and consequential response. Dr. Harris has lost the trust and confidence of his constituency; his unacceptable actions lead us to declare he has forfeited the privilege of representing the honest people of Maryland’s first district.

Additionally, we commend the steadfast leadership of MD Democrats in the pursuit for justice against the incumbent President. We wholeheartedly support our leadership in your endeavor to see this President tried and convicted by the U.S. Senate for the crimes he has committed against the United States of America and her people.

Thank you for your hard and steadfast work in representing the state of Maryland and this country. It is our hope that, one day, we may enjoy a Congressman who does the same.

Yours in Solidarity,

Baltimore County Democratic Central Committee

Caroline County Democratic Central Committee

Carroll County Democratic Central Committee

Dorchester County Democratic Central Committee

Harford County Democratic Central Committee

Kent County Democratic Central Committee

Queen Anne’s County Democratic Central Committee

Talbot County Democratic Central Committee

Wicomico County Democratic Central Committee

Worcester County Democratic Central Committee

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