Last year, a letter writer heralded motherhood as perhaps the most essential job of all. In the second spring of the coronavirus pandemic, that’s something to think about. And to celebrate.

We’ve all got one somewhere, and they are either doing or have done great work. Whether they are with us in person, living right down the street or in the apartment downstairs; in spirit, calling to check up on us from the other side of the state or country; or in memory, perhaps smiling down on us from a well-deserved peaceful afterlife — we all have a mother.

Mothers come in many shapes and sizes, often wear many hats and go by many names. Some of these beloved moms have sacrificed much, cutting a career path short to stay home and raise their family. These are loving and devoted women, and their hard work day in and day out isn’t always acknowledged.

Then there are stepmoms, adoptive moms, foster moms and other dearly loved legal guardians who stepped into their mom shoes by less traditional means.

Moms are all around us, striving to raise more decent human beings in this world, generally without receiving much due credit or appreciation. So let’s especially acknowledge and laud all of these women.

Make plans to spend this Sunday with your mother, if social distancing, geography and her health and yours so allow. If she has already passed on, set aside some time to remember happy times shared together or lasting words of advice and encouragement she gave you. Then, honor her memory by thanking another mom you know, be it your wife, aunt or other female relative or friend who has put in the time helping to bring up a child or two — or seven.

Especially if your mom’s not right here in the area, make sure you’ve already sent her a card with a message from the heart, with or without a gift attached. Even a simple phone call (come on, don’t make it just a text or an email) to let her know you’re thinking of her on her special day can go a long way to brightening up her weekend.

If your mom loves flowers, BSA Troop 175 will hold its annual Mother’s Day flower sale Saturday starting at 8 a.m. at the intersection of Route 544 and Route 290 in Crumpton. Local restaurants are planning special meals, so mom doesn’t have to cook on her special day. Candy and jewelry are other favorites.

All of these ideas and more are excellent ways to honor or pay tribute to our mothers. But don’t let the gifts steal too much of the spotlight.

Certainly, it’s a huge booster day for the nation’s economy and, we hope, for our local small business owners as well.

So by all means, shower your mom with gifts and treats as best you can this Sunday. But be sure to spend time with her and show her your appreciation is genuine and from the heart. Our mothers are our first and best devoted champions. Let’s hear it for moms!

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