On July 4, 2022 the Mackinac Island Stone Skipping Tournament was held at Windermere Pointe Beach, Michigan. Spectators both in person and watching on ESPN were able to enjoy impressive stone skips during the Wilmer T. Rabe International Stone Skipping Tournament. In a moment of realization that there is in fact a tournament and even a World Championship (located in Scotland) for stone skipping, one has to wonder, “what is the perfect skipping stone?” According to Google, it is to be a mostly flat stone, about the size of your palm, with the weight of a tennis ball. It is commonly accepted that triangular stones skip the best. These appear to be good guidelines, but what about a recently departed’s stone? Would that work? Oh, and no…I’m not saying a stone that was a favorite of someone who has passed away, I’m referencing the stone that IS the recently departed.

Eliminate the idea of a coffee can, humidor, or cookie jar as an eternal resting place for those cremated remains (ashes). A new company has recently developed a way to solidify cremated remains into stones, meaning the family does not have to receive ashes after cremation is performed. Undertakers today can see that cremated remains become what are called Parting Stones©. Now these are no ordinary stones, but a man-made “stone” resembling a mostly flat river rock, around the size of your palm and weight of a tennis ball. Yes, much like a perfect skipping stone.

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