When we get used to something for a long time and then it does not work, you get mighty upset.

So it is with our TV. The darn remote will not turn the TV on properly and the Atlantic Broadband people who put the TV in tried to tell me how to fix it while talking to them on the phone. We couldn’t seem to get together right, so she said she would have a TV technician out to the house by July 10. At the time I was talking to her, it was July 6. So, as I write this Monday morning you can see I will be waiting another couple days to see the TV. Ruth even called them this morning early to see if someone could come earlier than Wednesday, and they said they would try. It is missing my favorite BBC comedy, “Last of the Summer Wine,’’ that I really miss as it comes on daily at 1:30 p.m. Oh, and I hated to miss the U.S. women win the World Cup soccer championship on Sunday; but them I guess I would have missed it anyway, as it was on at 11 a.m.; just in time for our church service.

Anyway, let’s hope by the time you are reading this, the darn TV is back on and working properly.



I hope ll my reader-friends enjoyed the TV fireworks on the Fourth of July. We have watched the show “A Capital Fourth” for a number of years as it is very good; and it usually concludes with a fine fireworks display. This time, as soon as they concluded, I turned over to Macy’s Fourth TV show and their fireworks were just starting. They certainly must have a heckuva big budget for their fireworks as it was more dazzling than the one we saw in Washington earlier. I did not hear anyone say on TV but it appears they show off the fireworks from the New York bridge over one of the rivers. Did it seem like that to you?



There was a piece in the newspaper the other day about the need to plant more trees worldwide — in fact, the story said “a billion more might not be enough.”

Now that’s a lot of trees, but it was called the cheapest climate change solution because it gets all the carbon out of the air.

Now I am not going out here and plant a couple more trees in our yard, but it seems to me that there must be some civic group or organization in each county that could join up with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources forestry division and plant a lot of trees. Isn’t there some Arbor Day organizations around that would be the ones to call on?

The article said this would fight global warming, and there is plenty of room for that many more trees; something like 3.5 million square miles. They report that’s roughly the size of the United States.

OK, let’s start planting.



My Old Farmer’s Almanac tells me that July is named to honor Roman dictator Julius Caesar. In 46 BC, Julius Caesar made one of his greatest contributions to history. With the help of Sosigenes, he developed the Julian calendar, the precursor to the Gregorian calendar that we use today.

I got a kick out of the puzzle of the month in the magazine. It asked, “What is the longest word in the English language? The answer is: “Smiles, because there is a mile between the first and last letters.”

Well, I thought it was funny anyway.



We need less government, according to a quote that my newspaper friend George Delaplaine, up Frederick way, tells me in his latest newsletter he puts out monthly to relatives and friends.

He quotes Thomas Jefferson, who said: “My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results in too much government.”

By golly, he is probably right!

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