The Centreville Lions Club is observing its 72nd anniversary since it was formed in 1947 with the Queenstown Lions Club sponsoring us. The Queenstown club is the oldest Lions Club in the county and has done much community service over the years.

At our last meeting, President Brent Carroll was saying how sorry it was to have canceled the annual Easter Egg Hunt because of the weather and the road equipment that was parked at the Mill Stream Park at the time. It was probably the only time we have had to cancel out our popular fun time for the kids in many years. Brent said he hopes we will be able to continue the hunt next year.

We have a number of civic projects, and one that I get involved with is collecting old and used eyeglasses that you folks can leave in specially marked boxes around town. I have never actually counted them when I pick them up, but it has to be in the many hundreds over the years that are recycled and given to people who cannot afford glasses.

Seeking out some history of the club, I found a folder full of monthly newsletters I used to write for the club back into the 1970s and on into the ’80s and ’90s. Got out a lot of the old newsletters and see that we had quite a bit going on back in those days. Thanks to the late Marion Leiby, who was an active member years ago, we even have a history of the club he put together for each member to have. I must have it here in the drawer of the file that has all this Lions Club stuff. I’ll keeping looking for it. As I recall, we started off having dinner at Dr. Burke’s on Water Street when we organized before moving on to the Methodist Church when as many as 35 to 40 would show up. We certainly try to continue service projects for the community even as the membership has dropped considerably.

I mentioned earlier of two Lions Clubs, here and in Queenstown. There are also Lions in Sudlersville and on Kent Island doing good things for their communities!

* * *


I hope everyone received their annual fund appeal letter from the Goodwill EMS Division for our ambulance service. We have two ready for any emergency and last year ran 1,375 calls, which as you can see is over three a day.

I also understand they could use new members, so if you would like to volunteer give a call to the firehouse at 410-758-1422 and leave a message. They are always looking for help.

It was a long time ago, but the late West Thompson Jr. and I drove the first ambulance we ever had.

* * *


I have just read the latest issue of the Volunteer Trumpet, put out by Mike Dixon, a volunteer who issues the newsletter six times a year for all the state volunteers.

There is a question asked in this issue that I liked. It said, “who was the original voice of Smokey Bear?”

I certainly did not know, but it said the original voice was the late Jackson Weaver, who appeared on WMAL radio in Washington, D.C.

This also reminds me that there will not be a column next week as we will be in Ocean City for the big state fireman’s convention through Wednesday. It is always a great affair that I have been attending for many years. The company used to march in the big parade on Wednesday, but now we sometimes send just a piece of fire apparatus in the line of march. Butch Kaufman and I will be attending the sessions in Convention Hall as delegates from Goodwill.

* * *


Always glad to look over the issue of the paper with the Queen Anne’s County High graduating class. I see where this is the third year in a row that Queen Anne’s schools are recognized for having the highest graduation rate in Maryland. Very impressive! See also were eight members are going into the military, Mason MacKenzie will be going to the Naval Academy, and that two, Tabitha Preston and Jonathan Twigg, had perfect attendance from K-12, not missing a day of school in all those years. I don’t believe I even had perfect attendance for a single year.

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