Forty-five pigs valued at upwards of $1,000 were killed apparently by a pack pf dogs, on the farm of John Hamvas, two miles east of Suldersville, late Saturday or early Sunday morning.

It was by far the worst in a series of incidents recently where dogs have been known to kill or cripple a number of animals in Queen Anne’s County.

While Mr. Hamvas did not see the dogs, both she and Sheriff George Sharp believe a number of dogs were involved, maybe as many as eight to 10 in the latest incident.

• • •

The Queen Anne’s County Commissioners have received a response from the county Health Department on their request for water samples to be taken from restricted areas of the Chester River.

In response to their request, Dr. Roberta Jean Hall, county health officer, has written to the State Health Department asking that the samples be taken. Dr. Hall wrote Dr. William Peeples, Commissioner of the State Health Department, on Aug. 15.

She informed Dr. Peeples that the county Health Department “will be available to help in any way to carry out this water sampling program.”

• • •

Worried families of at least four people from Queen Anne’s County living in Biloxi, Mississippi, directly in the path of the devastating Hurricane Camille have called the Red Cross for assistance in getting word from their loved ones.

Miss Parker Keating, secretary of the Queen Anne’s County Red Cross Chapter, said Tuesday that one person had been heard from since the worst hurricane in a century screamed across the Gulf Coast over the weekend.

She was still attempting to establish contact with the others as the Record-Observer went to press.

• • •

Another record for a non-holiday weekend was set on the William Preston Lane Jr. Memorial Bridge Friday through Sunday when a grand total of 90.012 vehicles passed through the toll gates.

Starting with a one-way operation eastbound at 6:58 a.m. Saturday, the 24-hour period of Aug. 16 saw 33,063 vehicles move across the two-lane bridge.

Bridge patrolmen used the one-way system nine times on Saturday, six times eastbound and three westbound, in an almost futile effort to keep cars from backing up across Kent Island and back up the Revell Highway on the western shore.

• • •

A Delaware truck driver escaped $1,102 in fines Monday afternoon when the Queen Anne’s County Trial Magistrate, J.W. Sause Jr. refused to uphold two of the charges placed against the man.

George Charles Narwell, of Greenwood, Del., appeared in Magistrate’s Court Monday on charges of refusing to allow his truck to be weighed, driving a truck which exceeds the 66,000 pound gross weight by 4,800 pounds, and operating an intra-state vehicle without the proper registration.

Refusing to allow a truck to be weighed can result in a fine of $1,000.

Klaus Liebig took a dunking in the Kent Narrows last Monday, all in the name of charity.

Sure, he raised thousands of dollars when he organized Cruise for Kids, which provides a flotilla of yachts for a day of fun for 35 disabled children.

But his supporters upped the ante.

“I have raised another $1,060 to see him wet,” said volunteer Bill Davis.

“That’s not enough,” said Liebig shaking his head.

Boat captain Al Diederichs stepped stepped forward waving a $50 bill.

Bob Wilson, manager of Mears Point Marina, pulled out another $50 and Liebig graciously conceded.

• • •

Another fair has come and gone, but not before over 15,000 visitors passed through the gates of 4-H Park.

The Queen Anne’s County Fair ended Saturday, with another successful week-long run according to Tommy Tucker and Mary Ruth Meredith, fair chairmen.

The Greased Pig Contest, newly added petting zoo and Baby Contest were all popular events at the fair this year, according to Meredith. There were 75 babies strutting their stuff in the contest held Thursday night.

“The Monday opening was good,” said Meredith. “We had about 1,000 people for Monday night.”

But once again, Wednesday night was the most popular with fairgoers.

• • •

Chip Broadwater ate a lot of smoke and dug a lot of ditches when he was dropped into the mountains of Washington state.

His crew suffered no major injuries, “just lots of aches and pains,” said Broadwater, Chief Ranger with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Forest Service in Centreville.

“The worst thing about it was working the night shift when it was hot. By the time you go in and eat breakfast, the flies are all over you. The smoke chased them down from the mountain and sometimes you could only get three hours of sleep because of the heat and flies,” he said.

• • •

Brent Lewis describes himself as “an appraiser, bartender and writer. Someday I want writer at the top of the list.”

The upcoming production of his play “The Super Hero” brings the Grasonville resident’s dream one step closer to reality.

Lewis’ script was chosen for production by a panel of judges and the Tred Avon Players’ artistic committee. Lucille Fletcher Wallop, Oxford’s renowned author and playwright, served as one of the judges.

Lewis’ play will be presented with Wallop’s classic tale, “Sorry, Wrong Number.”

• • •

“Run, little pig, run!” called announcer Tommy Higgs as greasy little hands tried to grasp a greasy little pig.

“Go pig!” urged Higgs as a score of boys dashed after the pig — which dashed left and right with evasive maneuvers.

A rusty wire fence encircled the combatants and kept the cheering crowd at bay.

The Greased Pig Contest is run in several heats dividing both age groups and sexes.

“Fresh” pigs are used in each heat. But to add insult to injury, pig lard covers both the pig and kids’ hands.

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