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50 YEARS AGO, JULY 29, 1970

Centreville attorney Howard Wood came before the Queen Anne’s County Commissioners Tuesday to discuss the sewer treatment plant for a low-income housing project which is to be built near Grasonville.

Wood said he represented the Kent-Queen Anne’s-Talbot Area Council Inc., which is in charge of a housing project to be constructed on the Francis Fisher property.

Wood asked if there is any way the Area Council can get its housing projects exempted from the county master water and sewer plan.

• • •

A Silver Spring man was found drowned at the Thompson Creek public landing, two miles south of Stevensville Sunday, July 26, at 7:28 a.m.

Stephen Joseph White, 31, of 8413 Woodcliff Court, Silver Spring, was the drowning victim. Maryland State Police received a call reporting that a man was seen floating face down in the water at the landing.

• • •

The beleaguered Kent-Queen Anne’s-Talbot Area Council has been through a shaking-out process in recent days which has seen the tri-county agency lose its housing program and director; face the threat of total defunding; and get rid of its executive director.

The latest development in a chain of events which began last spring came Friday with the firing of William V. Riggs Jr. of Centreville, the $11,500-a-year chief executive of the community action organization.

• • •

Mrs. Robert L. Gladden has ben named new executive secretary of the Queen Anne’s County Chapter of the American Red Cross.

Mrs. Gladden has been active with the Red Cross, working as a water safety instructor. She is employed part time by William Thomas’s insurance agency. To enable Mrs. Gladden to have easy access to both offices, the Red Cross office with move from 117 Lawyers Row to 115 Lawyers Row, to the front of the Thomas office.

• • •

Five Maryland rivers have been chosen for inclusion in a new “scenic rivers system” now being developed by the state, but no Queen Anne’s County waterway is included among them or among the 10 other rivers tentatively selected for future study.

• • •

Jimmy D. Ward of Queenstown has been honored for outstanding service by the United States Air Force Reserve.

Ward was presented the award for Noncommissioned Officer of the Quarter (March-June 1970) in ceremonies at the headquarters of the 912th Military Airlift Group, Dover Air Force Base, Delaware, on Saturday, July 11.

At the same time, T/Sgt. Ward was promoted to master sergeant as part of the Aire Force Reserve Outstanding Promotion Program.

25 YEARS AGO, AUGUST 2, 1995

The one-acre Bodkin Island in the Eastern Bay was once a 1,300-acre peninsula on Kent Island. But it could be extended to 5 acres if the effort to purchase the island as a dredge spoil site for a new Kent Narrows Channel is successful.

Maps drawn in 1751 and 1776 call it either Bodkin Point or Sudlers Point, but all later references dub it Bodkin Point.

Bodkin is home to nesting black ducks, terns, egrets and swans. Queen Anne’s County Commissioner George O’Donnell has been active in the effort for a new Kent Narrows channel for several years.

“We won’t touch any of the existing island,” O’Donnell said. A bulkhead would be built out from the north side of the island and the dredged material would fill an area about 4 acres in size, bringing the island up to 5 acres.

• • •

Fisher Manor will receive a fix-up to the tune of about $178,000 now that a 1984 grant has been received.

Drainage problems and siding replacement are top priority, said Pete Scanlon, director of community development for Queen Anne’s County. But it will take two or three grants to make all the repairs and upgrades needed.

Fisher Manor consists of 25 low income housing units constructed in 1989 on Grasonville Cemetery Road.

• • •

While their parents are hard at work on the farms of Queen Anne’s County, many sons and daughters of hispanic migrant workers are left in the good hands of teachers and assistants, who nurture them with education, activities and love. On Wednesday night, the children celebrated the bonds they’ve made this summer with their teachers, friends and families during the annual Queen Anne’s County Summer Migrant Program Family Night dinner and performance at Sudlersville Elementary School.

The night was especially meaningful to the five Job Training Partnership Act assistants who spent the summer getting to know the children while assisting teachers in the preschool and toddler classrooms/

The JTPA program at Chesapeake College helps local high school students develop their academic and job skills, and then places them in job sites that complement their natural skills and interests.

• • •

When an accused drug dealer showed up in court here last Monday on one set of drug charges, he was arrested and served with a grand jury indictment on another set of drug charges.

During his arrest in court, police found drugs in the car he drove to court, police said.

Larry Roland Deshields, 29, of Cambridge, was first accused of selling drugs to an undercover police officer April 4.

• • •

The Energizer Bunny doesn’t have anything on Chessie the manatee, who keeps going, and going, and going ….

Chessie was tracked via satellite Monday morning near Atlantic City, N.J.

This time last week, Chessie was poking around the north shore of the Delaware Bay. Then he swung back around to the Atlantic Ocean, leaving quaintly Victorian Cape May, N.J., for the glitz of Atlantic City.

• • •

For Richard Ballard of Linthicum, Sunday morning was a dream come true that brought a terrific belated Father’s Day present. Ballard, 75, who was a flight instructor during World War II, boarded a replica World War II fighter plane for the first time in 50 years.

“I hadn’t flown because of the high prices. Maybe now I’ll go back and get my flying license reinstated,” Ballard said.

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