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Work begins to repave Commerce and Liberty streets

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Repaving project to begin

Milling of Commerce and Liberty streets begins Monday in preparation for repaving.

CENTREVILLE — The long-awaited resurfacing of Liberty and Commerce streets will begin Monday, June 8, weather permitting, according to Bob Rager, Maryland State Highway Administration District Community Liaison.

“I know this coincides with businesses reopening — we’ve been looking at different ways to do this with as few impacts as possible, but there will be some impacts,” Rager said in a press release.

Work hours generally will be weekdays 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. The major milling/grinding will be done in two loops, each covering half of the roadway.

Crews will start on Monday, June 8, at the south end of town (just past Citgo) and proceed up Commerce Street through town to the bridge at the north end. Then they will turn around and go down Liberty Street.

“This first loop should be done on Monday if all goes well,” Rager said. “The same process will be repeated on Tuesday for the remaining half of the road.”

No parking will be permitted on Liberty and Commerce streets ahead of the milling. Parking may be restored once the equipment has moved through the area and the street has been swept.

“Our goal is to have all parking restored by 5 p.m. each day,” Rager said. “Once Liberty and Commerce streets are completely milled, we’ll move to the intersections for the same work. During this phase you should be able to park on Liberty and Commerce streets again.”

Flaggers will be onsite for all operations. The State Highway Administration asks motorists to please watch for them and be patient with other drivers and pedestrians. Expect some delays.

“Once all the milling is done we’ll start paving, again doing half of the road at a time. This work could impact parking a little longer than the milling since the asphalt has to cool before we can allow cars or pedestrians on it,” Rager said.

“Toward the end of the month we’ll have a subcontractor come in to do the permanent striping and roadway markings. This again will require parking restrictions, but this work moves along pretty quickly.”

Some general pointers for all work phases:

• Look for the “no parking” signs on Liberty and Commerce streets and make alternate parking arrangements as needed. This is the best way to get the work done as quickly as possible.

• Expect some dust with the milling operations — close any windows facing the street and bring small items inside from the porch.

• New asphalt pavement will be HOT for quite a while. Depending on air temperature it could take a few hours to cool enough so that it’s safe to drive or walk on it.

• Expect some overspray with the line striping operations. This is why it’s important to move all vehicles off the street.

Pedestrian access to local businesses will be maintained.

If you’re making a curbside pickup, please do not pull in front of milling or paving equipment.

If you’re expecting a delivery, delays through town may be unavoidable but they shouldn’t add more than a few minutes to the trip.

If you need to load/unload on Liberty or Commerce streets during this work please try to make alternate arrangements. If this is not possible, please contact Rager with a date/time of any expected deliveries to coordinate schedules.

“I think it’s safe to say we’ve all had our fill of the bumpy ride through town and want this work done,” Rager said. “With pandemic-related restrictions being lifted we want to get out of the way as quickly as possible, and this will require a little bit of patience and a lot of cooperation among motorists, residents, pedestrians, etc. Please bear with us — with good weather and progress the major milling and paving should be done in two weeks, with striping to follow toward the end of the month.”

Project engineer Bhushan Patel will be onsite through all work phases, and Rager will be in town for much of this work to monitor traffic and business access, and lend a hand where needed. Rager’s number is 443-463-3768.

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