White steps down

Jeremy White, executive director of the Queen Anne’s County Housing Authority, has reportedly stepped down after tendering his verbal resignation to representatives of the Housing and Urban Development Baltimore office.

CENTREVILLE — The Baltimore office of Housing and Urban Development contacted Queen Anne’s County Commissioner Chris Corchiarino last week to say Queen Anne’s County Housing Authority Executive Director Jeremy White had tendered his verbal resignation.

HUD had not received a formal written resignation from White as of Friday, Nov. 1, and the Housing Authority’s official website does not reflect the change in leadership.

In an Oct. 31 letter from the Housing Authority to residents in regards to a state-required inspection of some properties, Katya Linsey, the board’s compliance and analysis manager, was listed as interim executive director.

Her LinkedIn profile was recently updated to reflect that as well.

Neither residents, the county, nor HUD have been officially notified of White’s last day, and the board has yet to publicly state if or when the position will be filled. Housing Authority Commissioner Richard Cira also heard of White’s decision but said he has yet to see White’s official letter of resignation.

“(Linsey) has received confirmation of White’s resignation, but members of the board have not and that’s problematic,” Cira said. “I didn’t know that a letter was going out with an interim executive director being named. We have not communicated fairly with the residents and the community a large. Not having been able to do it properly and honestly creates a pause when it comes to information.”

Cira noted that a change of this magnitude would require a formal motion and another motion would need to be made to accept a replacement on an interim basis.

Cira was unaware of White’s decision prior to hearing of his verbal resignation to HUD officials. He said the board was continuing to improve communication of changes to bylaws and leadership with residents.

White has publicly complained of what he regards as “harassment” by members of the board. Board members contend they have merely requested a number of financial documents that should be public record — to no avail.

“The questions I have always had for the executive director are based on the things we as a board are required to have to make the proper decisions. In any organization, that position reports to the board and not the other way around. But withholding necessary information is a problem,” Cira said.

County commissioners have also requested financial statements via yearly audits with FY2017 being received and final FY2018 documents being a year overdue. Queen Anne’s County Administrator Todd Mohn said he was unaware of White’s plans to step down and had not received a formal resignation letter.

Mohn confirmed the county has reached out to HUD and other agencies to get numerous financial reports and other board information following a letter being sent to the Housing Administration to deal with “a lack of transparency.”

“This is just another instance in a lack of transparency in what that board is doing,” Mohn said. “It’s cause for concern to get an understanding of what’s going on, but we’ll offer whatever assistance is required for them to take care of what they need.”

The Record Observer reached out to Linsey to confirm the change in leadership, but received no response by press time. Efforts were also made to contact White and James L. Hynson, chairman of the Housing Authority board, also with no response.

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