CENTREVILLE — Next time you visit downtown Centreville, make sure you bring some change. The era of free parking has ended.

Centreville Police Chief Joe Saboury told the Centreville Town Council during the Nov. 5 meeting that he has assigned Sgt. Andy Larrimore to parking enforcement and maintenance — a position that was left vacant by the town hiring freeze earlier this year to help offset revenue losses from the coronavirus pandemic.

Larrimore will be getting the broken meters repaired or replaced and will be making bi-weekly deposits of meter money, Saboury said.

He told the council there were no issues on Halloween and everything went smoothly.

Centreville Police made one criminal arrest on a drug possession charge during October.

For October traffic enforcement, officers issued 195 warnings; 67 non-arrestable citations; three other arrestable citations; one citation for driving without a license; two citations for driver on a suspended or revoked driver’s license; and 15 safety repair orders.

The Redspeed automated speed cameras on Kidwell and Chesterfield avenues issued a combined 118 traffic citations.

Council President Tim McCluskey commented on a note that the top speed for 2020 captured by a speed camera was 72 mph in a 35 mph zone.

“Driving on the wrong side of the road at that,” Saboury replied.

McCluskey said speeding is one of the biggest complaints the town hears and added he would like to see a speed camera in the area of Wye River Upper School on Commerce Street.

Officers handled 531 incidents in October, including eight motor vehicle collisions, 21 alarms, six emergency evaluations, nine K-9 deployments, 202 business and residential patrol checks, 12 radar assignments and four complaints of theft.

Special assignments included patrol checks during both the town and national elections, with no problems to report.

The department also prepared a high mileage patrol vehicle for auction, Saboury said.

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