Heather Guerieri, executive director for Compass Regional Hospice, reported to county commissioners Tuesday, Sept. 10, about a year which served 602 patients in Caroline, Kent and Queen Anne’s Counties.

CENTREVILLE — Heather Guerieri, executive director for Compass Regional Hospice, reported to county commissioners Tuesday, Sept. 10, about a year which served 602 patients in Caroline, Kent and Queen Anne’s counties.

Among the services offered included physician care, pharmacy services, RN case management, certified nursing assistance, medical technician services, medical social work, grief counseling, chaplain services, volunteering opportunities, and physical, occupational, and speech therapy.

“Queen Anne’s County commissioners have been great supporters over the years, and we’ve grown significantly as a non-profit. We’re privileged to serve terminally ill and those with serious illness in our counties as well as providing free grief services,” said Guerieri.

The levels of care offered start with routine normally set in a private residence or nursing home, residential in a hospice center, general inpatient, continuous care, respite care, pediatric services located at Compass Kids, and concurrent care also with Compass Kids and the VA administration.

With 94 employees, the organization relies on the 352 volunteers that provide an estimated 27,973 total volunteer hours.

Guerieri also reported the majority of patients, a total of 435, range from 75 to 100 years-old, with 96 ranging from 65 to 74 years old. Patients between the ages of 18 and 64 years old total 69 and only two patients are between zero and 4 years old.

“We’ve been doing much collaborative with with the counties to provide services that we know are lacking. We’re not asking for additional funds from the county for that as we do our fundraising, and we currently are the largest non-profit organization in Queen Anne’s County,” Guerieri said.

According to CRH data, an estimated 45 percent of patient reside in Queen Anne’s county followed by 27.9 percent coming from Caroline County, and finally 26.3 percent come from Kent County.

Grief support services also play a large role in the CRH mission as 796 individual counseling sessions were held for children, teens and adults.

Adult support groups alone include an estimated 56 participants. Ongoing loss groups even deal with specialized cases like cases of suicide, bereaved parents, and loss from overdoses. They total 24 participants.

A total of 16 families participate in the family group counseling.

Even students grades K-12 can participate in school-based counseling with 127 already participating. To continue the healing process for those in counseling, remembrance events and therapeutic workshops have now grown to 230 participants.

“We’re available to all the school systems with free counseling to children so they don’t have to leave their school environment and feel like they suffer from a stigma for getting help,” said Guerieri.

Funding the ever-growing work of the organization includes 85 percent paying with medicare, 11 percent with medicaid, three percent use private insurance, and one percent use VA monies.

Guerieri also reported an estimated $402,110 in residential room and board was uncompensated care with $267,845 in bereavement services also considered the same.

“We’re just looking forward to finishing our capital campaign through the generosity of the public to serve more people in our counties,” Guerieri said in closing.

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