Mike Clark, executive director of Housing and Family Services, provides an update on the Department of Community Services.

CENTREVILLE — Following an update on the Department of Community Services by Mike Clark, executive director of Housing and Family Services Tuesday, May 21, county commissioners bestowed a proclamation for Older Americans Month.

With May chosen as the month to highlight the needs and advances in caring for the elderly, Clark said DCS comprises the Division on Aging as well as the Division of Housing.

“We recently held the senior summit and that had about 600 visitors,” said Clark. “The (department) also recently hired a new transit director that should be coming on quickly. He’s got 20 years experience and had already worked in Queen Anne’s County.”

Other milestones included continued work on the community partnership agreement where he visited Crownsville to advocate for a grant earmarked for such a program.

In an effort to fill Elaine Butler’s former position as Queen Anne’s County Character Counts program coordinator, interviews were held with 20 applicants.

The Division of Housing has continued to serve residents with septic system issues while also visiting those in the homeless prevention program at their residences to ensure they maintain their financial obligations.

“We’ve served 77 individuals in that program as of the latest data. The active caseload on the rapid rehousing program, or people who are actually homeless and need more long-term help, is nine people,” Clark said.

Finally, on revolving loans under the workforce and affordable housing initiative, 117 individuals have qualified since its inception with one returning for another loan after paying off the original balance in full.

County Commissioner Jim Moran read the official proclamation in honor of “a growing number of older Americans who enrich our community through their diverse life experience.”

DCS was honored for its work in promoting home and community by providing services that support independent living and providing opportunities for older adults to work and volunteer and mentor.

For questions on specific services, call 410-758-0848.

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