STEVENSVILLE — Nearly a decade after historic Stevensville was designated by the State as an Arts and Entertainment district, a hive of local talent gathered into the richly creative small town Saturday, Oct. 2 to showcase their work, celebrate that of others, drink local beer, and eat local food. Approximately 1,500 people participated in the event.

“The goal [of Artoberfest] is to bring support to the businesses and the Arts and Entertainment district,” said QA Tourism Office Coordinator Lisa Gallow. “And eventually, we want to make this into an event that will be a signature event for Queen Anne’s County.”

Nearly 40 vendors, from local breweries to lore-themed, West Virginian artists, participated in the weekend event. Food and drinks were served on wheel and on foot, with food trucks like Jimmy’s Fat Rolls and breweries like Cult Classic present and accounted for.

“All forms of arts are supported in district,” Gallow noted, “and funds raised by events such as this go back into the district.”

Historic Stevensville became one of the 22 state-designated art sectors on July 1, 2013. While the community “comes alive” with different events the first Saturday of every month, according to the district’s website, Artoberfest is one of the art community’s biggest annual events.

“We’ve had this arts and entertainment district designation for close to 10 years now,” QA Director of Economic and Tourism Development Heather Tinelli said. “And we’re really hoping to promote all forms of arts within the district and across Queen Anne’s County.”


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