CENTREVILLE — On Thursday, Oct. 3, community leaders gathered together with students, parents, and faculty members to celebrate the unveiling of a progressive new learning space, the Middendorf MakerSpace at Wye River. This facility is an innovative addition to Wye River Upper School’s academic offerings.

In this space students will discover through innovation as they gain skills in robotics, 3D printing technology, culinary arts, craftsmanship, laser production techniques, and more. The Middendorf MakerSpace will engage students in real-word problem solving through project-based learning.

The event began at Wye River Upper School’s historic gathering space, where Founding Head of School Chrissy Aull said, “Today’s ribbon cutting is not about unveiling a building. It’s really about who we are as a school, who our students are, and how we teach in response to how they learn.”

Alexa Seip, chairman of Wye River’s Board of Trustees, echoed these sentiments, commenting, “The Middendorf Makerspace enables Wye River Upper School’s students to engage in project-based learning that shows them the back door to science, chemistry, math, construction, collaborative projects, and teamwork ... [For students] to be able to create something, touch it, hold it, feel it, and use it is very important to the school, to the kids, and to the 21st Century.”

The ribbon-cutting event convened leaders from many public, private, and nonprofit organizations that partner with Wye River Upper School in supporting bright students with learning differences. Notable attendees included: Senator Adelaide Eckardt; W.W. “Buck” Duncan of the Mid-Shore Community Foundation; and Stoney Duffey and Darby Hewes, both Trustees of Wye River Upper School; representatives from Queen Anne’s County Economic Development Commission; the Town of Centreville; and Shore United Bank.

Wye River Upper School is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit whose mission is focused on students who learn differently discovering through innovation, developing with rigor, and celebrating their strengths while preparing for success in college, career, and life.

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