CENTREVILLE — Band students from Centreville Middle School have been fundraising alongside an awareness campaign for two of their band mates. At their Spring Concert, this June 4, students set up a table in the lobby of the Queen Anne’s County High School.

Titled, “Dia-BEAT-IT”, the students shared information on living with the incurable disease — Type 1 Diabetes. The price of insulin and living each day with this disease has been a topic of national conversation. CMS student Allison Holdgreve went to Washington, D.C., in March to talk with state senators and Rep. Andy Harris about living with Type 1 Diabetes and the need for help with the pricing of insulin and funding toward a cure.Her friend Leila Trader, who also lives with Type 1 Diabetes, also is helping raise awareness with their fellow band members.

During the spring concert, the band members, who came up with the team name — Team Dia-BEAT-IT — presented the funds they raised over these past few weeks to staff of the American Diabetes Association.

The students had raised $2,003.73 by the night of the concert, said parent Jennifer Holdgreve, but in very emotional moment during the presentation of the check onstage that amount was doubled by CMS band director Heather Fullerton’s father, and a second donation of $250 put the grand total at $4,257.46.

The faculty at CMS and band parents said they were very proud of this group and their band director for recognizing two of the classmates that deal with Type 1 Diabetes all the time.

The staff with the American Diabetes Association is willing to speak to anyone interested in learning more about this event or the issue of insulin pricing and other issues facing those dealing with diabetes. More information can be found online, http://www.diabetes.org/.

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